CCNA Ultimate Practice Exam Battery - 50 questions

Learn with 50 practice questions
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518 students
CCNA Ultimate Practice Exam Battery - 50 questions
Rating: 0.0 out of 5 (0 ratings)
523 students
How to think through the CCNA engineering questions; including the tricky ones that rely on context and "best" answers.


  • A basic understanding of networks is helpful.

In this narrated course, we go over 50 practice questions accompanied by explanations of topics, all designed to help you pass your 2020 CCNA exams. This course includes how to recognize trick questions and contextual/abstract concepts, as we look at and answer questions about IP protocols, subnetting, network topology, VLANs, the OSI model, IPv4 and IPv6, and more.   

Who this course is for:
  • Students studying for the CCNA certification exams
Course content
5 sections • 5 lectures • 43m total length
  • Pay attention to wording
  • Gateways, Data frames, and Switching
  • OSI stack, routers, and VLANs
  • ACLs, Python, and IPv4 and IPv6 review
  • Tagging, how to read a routing table, DNS, and more

IT Instructor CCNAx2, IEEE fellow, and fine artist
Jeff Diamond
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I am an IT professional with over 20 years experience. I am also an artist. My courses are low-budget, but they are filled with lots of useful information.

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