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Learn how CCNA exam has changed with new Cisco certification roadmap
Learn fundamental networking concepts required to pass CCNA exam
Practice your subnetting skills with easy binary numbering tool
Get access to more in-depth training and pass your CCNA exam on first attempt


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This introductory course includes lectures from my CCNA Masterclass designed to fully prepare for the CCNA 200-301 certification. Learn how to select from multiple student lab build options for CCNA and CCNP certification study.

Prepare for CCNA with multifaceted training developed to help students pass the notoriously difficult CCNA exam. Students have access to unique training material as well that will improve your test-taking skills. The best strategy to pass your CCNA exam is the right information instead of more information.

  • CCNA Performance-Based Labs Explained

  • CCNA Certification Exam FAQs

  • Subnetting Fundamentals

  • Cisco IOS DHCP Server

  • Multilayer Switching

  • Troubleshooting Switch Interfaces

  • Extended Access Control Lists

  • Cisco Wireless LAN Controller GUI

  • Binary Numbering Practice Tool

There are a significant number of new topics including automation, wireless, and cyber security. That is attributed to the popularity of wireless connectivity, cloud and SDN architecture. You will notice keywords such as describe, explain, and compare that are used in the official exam syllabus. There are traditional configuration core topics and new performance-based labs recently announced.

Number of Questions: 100

Duration: 120 minutes

Pass Score: 825/1000 (82%)

Cost: 300 USD

Question Types: multiple choice, drag and drop, performance-based labs

CCNA Question Types

1. Multiple Choice questions have only a single correct answer that you must select from multiple options.

2. Multiple Selection questions ask you to select more than one correct answer from multiple options.

3. Drag and Drop questions require you to match a list of items such as protocols for example with the correct description.

4. Performance-Based Labs are similar to the older simulation labs with multiple questions pertaining to configuration and analyzing output from show commands.

5. Unscored questions on the exam are not listed with the official CCNA syllabus. They are for research purposes only, and do not count toward your final score.

Learn with a study plan that is 100% Cisco approved syllabus. Learn fundamentals with each lecture designed specifically for Cisco CCNA 200-301 certification.

Student Testimonials

"I have found the course really helpful in studying the CCNA. I have used it in conjunction with Shaun's other books, particularly the lab book which I think has really helped me with getting comfortable with the labs. Also, I have to add the teacher has been excellent and prompt in answering my queries which has been extremely beneficial. Overall a very pleasant experience. Thank you."

"Who loves networking, will appreciate such a well designed and comprehensive guide to pass the CCNA. Shaun really prioritizes multiple forms of educational methods and will help develop the skills for all different types of students. Highly recommend!!"

"Instructor is excellent at explaining concepts. He makes the hardest topics seem quite easy, and understandable. I enjoy listening to him and following his instructions, and hands-on demonstrations. I will recommend him to anyone who wants to prepare for the CCNA exam."

"It is a great course, I'm really excited to learning now. Thank you so much for your time and sharing your knowledge with us. great regards."

"The truth is that I am very grateful for the dedication of the instructor, the course is kept updated, the activities such as the exam  simulation, tasks, practice,  few courses have it, by far a good course!, congratulations!”

“It covered all the topics in the CCNA 200-301 and helped prepare me for the exam.”

“The information given is clear, concise and explains everything properly. The practice labs are really helpful. Overall great course.”

"I am a network analyst looking to advance my career. This course has a lot of great information"

CISCONET Training Solutions is a certification training provider that has helped students worldwide study for CCNA/CCNP certification. Cisco training expert with 25+ years of experience and Cisco spotlight awards. CCNA learning system includes online courses, lab training, practice tests, and study tools.

Who this course is for:

  • CCNA 200-301 students


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CTS Training Solutions is a certification training provider that has helped thousands of students study for Cisco certification exams. Industry expert with 25+ years of enterprise networking experience, author, and multiple Cisco spotlight awards. The integrated learning system includes online courses, hands-on lab training, practice tests, and study tools. Take your career to the next level with in-demand courses for Cisco certification.

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