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Traditional Chinese



  • 心態放開,放鬆!





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  • 曾經、正在或即將經歷跨文化場景的學生、職場人士、移民、訪問藝術家、訪問藝術家、驢友等


Cross-cultural Adjustment
Jing Sproule
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I'm Jing Sproule from mainland China.

My profile picture was taken in 2015 when I stayed in Nepal for a month.

My hometown is roughly of the same size and population as Shanghai - in fact, you can lift the whole Shanghai up and travel along the biggest river in China, and put it down roughly in the middle of China; there you'll have my hometown, Chongqing.


My cross-cultural journey can be summarised as mainly 3 stages for 3 different purposes:

1. China to Scandinavia - Study

2. China to the World - Work

3. China to Northern Ireland - Marriage / Settlement

It began when I travelled from my hometown to Sweden for college on 27th August 2009 where I experienced being abroad as an international student for 4 years.

Then I worked in an international charity organisation for 3 years. The work took me to Australia, remote parts of China, Thailand, Nepal, and the Philippines. I became roommates with people from 40+ nations including all continents, which further expanded my first and second hand experience of the world.

Then I met Tim, a handsome Northern Irish lad. We got married in 2020 and I am currently making this place my home.


Being cross-cultural is an integral part of my identity. It is probably the most challenging part of my life but at the same time, the most rewarding.

I've learnt by making loads of silly and sometimes serious mistakes what it means to be "cross-cultural".

In the series of courses I'm going to provide in Udemy I will share with you all that I've learnt about cross-cultural adjustment process, the secrets that turns it into a beautiful and successful one, so that you can learn from my 12 years of mistakes, experience, reflection and research, and share my joy and passion of being cross-cultural.

Hop on!

Trainer and Autism Expert
Timothy Sproule
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For thirteen years I have been helping autistic children and adults to develop their social abilities, build confidence and to learn life skills – primarily through martial arts. I was also a committee member of our local autism charity and am now an ambassador for Fighting for Autism.

Using my experience, I have been teaching autism awareness courses to parents, teachers and professionals for the past three years. I am excited to do the same on Udemy!

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