CBSE Class 12 Biology - Reproduction (Chapters 1 to 3)

A study on basics of reproduction in plants, animals and humans - English
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Chapter 1 - Brief Introduction on Reproduction
Differentiation between Asexual and Sexual Reproduction
Description on the process of Reproduction
Chapter 2 - Concept on Sexual Reproduction in flowering plants
Detailed study on Events in Fertilization
Application on types of pollination
Learn about the Concept of Embryo and Seed
Chapter 3 - Introduction on Human Reproduction
Detailed study on Male Reproductive System and Female Reproductive System
Learn about the concept of Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis
Brief explanation on Menstrual Cycle, Pregnancy and Parturition
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  • Interest towards Biology


In this course you will learn about the first three chapters on reproduction in plants, animals and humans. This is crucial in terms of CBSE board and NEET Examination aspect.

Chapter 1  : Reproduction in Organisms - This Chapter has five lectures.

  • Lecture 1 is about introduction to reproduction and its types - sexual and asexual

  • Lecture 2 explains the modes of asexual reproduction in animals from Fission to Strobilation

  • Lecture 3 speaks about the different types of Vegetative Propagation in Plants

  • Lecture 4 talks about the different gametes involved in the process of fertilization and notes on pre fertilization events is listed

  • Lecture 5 explains the concept of fertilization and post fertilization events

Chapter 2 - Sexual Reproduction in flowering plants - This Chapter has 5 lectures

  • Lecture 1 - Introduction to the Chapter 2

  • Lecture 2 - Explains the male reproductive part of the flower and process of anther formation

  • Lecture 3 - Description of the female reproductive part of the flower and the process of egg formation

  • Lecture 4 - Introduction to pollination and its types

  • Lecture 5 - Process of pollen pistil interaction and the formation of embryo and seed

Chapter 3 - Human reproduction - This Chapter contain 6 lectures.

  • Lecture 1 - Introduction to Chapter 3.

  • Lecture 2 - Structure  and function of testis

  • Lecture 3 - Formation of sperm and structure of female reproductive part.

  • Lecture 4 - Formation of egg and menstrual cycle

  • Lecture 5 - Structure of egg and ovum , Pre fertilization events in human reproduction

  • Lecture 6 - Formation and development of foetus , mechanism of parturition

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are appearing for CBSE Biology - Class 12
  • Aspirants of NEET Examination
  • Aspirants of CTET, PG TRB and other science competitive examinations
  • Quick brush up on concepts for Medical 1st year, Bsc Zoology, Msc Zoology Students


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Hi Folks!

I'm Priyanka. Welcome to Bio Town Academy - I Currently work as a Biology Tutor for Class 11 and 12 CBSE and NEET in highly reputed Organization in Chennai (India). I've completed Masters in Biotechnology with B.Ed in Biological science with CTET qualified. I was a JRF under UGC Project for 2 years and have published 3 papers and many abstracts. I have hands-on  on various instruments ranging till HPLC and other automated systems. My field of interest is in environmental toxicology.

I' am an enthusiastic person who believe , learning is immortal and teaching is an prestigious art. My favorite quote - "There are no bad students, it is the inflexibility of teachers"

Hope you enjoy all my courses. Happy learning.

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