Career Mojo: Keys to an Effective Career
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Career Mojo: Keys to an Effective Career

How to make work life balance work. Stop doing what you're supposed to do and start doing what you're born to do today!
0.0 (0 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,216 students enrolled
Published 10/2014
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What you'll learn
  • This is an integrative course that will cover the behaviors, motivators, and drivers for creating regenerative work. By the end of the course, you will learn three value dimensions for structuring your attitudes, beliefs, and priorities for connecting meaning and purpose to the work you do.
  • In this course you will learn how to:
  • Create an actionable framework to align the work you do with your vision of the "perfect lifestyle" you'd like the career to provide.
  • How to develop a mindset and intuitive awareness to maximize full potential.
  • Stop tolerating work that drains you and start working from the highest perspective of your unique being.
  • Build a model of effectiveness that advances authentic work and purpose.
  • Develop your own implementation and performance system to quickly master anything using minimum effort.
  • • This course doesn't require any special equipment. However, due to the introspective nature of the course we do ask the following:
  • Show up! This course will require mental and emotional engagement so that you can dig beneath surface to address the behaviors, motivators, and drivers that will positions you for success.
  • Participate! We will be constantly updating the course since we're dealing with a rapid changing and evolving market with shifting attitudes about work. The feedback from each community member will help us re-purpose content that would be most useful for the collective group.
  • Pay attention to what has heart and meaning for you. We couldn't possibly fit everything in this course. Nonetheless, your attention is one of the most appreciable assets you have by which you can discriminate and focus only on that which will be most useful for you.
  • • Be magical with your learning! You learn best when you're open to "creative capacities" through the power of enquiry. You may not always find the "right" answer to what you want, but asking the right question/s is a powerful resource that can help accelerate results.
  • **Most important - There's nothing to "fix" about you! What you will find through this work is your greatest task will be getting out of your own way so that you may confidently move in a direction of aim uninhibited by models of success that don't serve your uniqueness.

More than any other activity in the human experience, you'll spend most of your time engaged in some kind of work. Unfortunately, for millions of people around the world, engaging in work that's satisfying and fulfilling and connected to purpose and meaning is an anomaly which has lead to a work culture of crisis. Hidden underneath the current culture of crisis are attitudes and mindsets of a lost hope, purpose, and of faith for the future.

Whether you're creating a body work as a career professional, independent contractor, intrapreneur within an organisation, or volunteer, you can learn to work "from" the very best of who are and Career Mojo will help you get there! Career Mojo is not simply a course as it is a human-centered framework and movement for creating work that's regenerative and enhances quality of life for all stakeholders.

This course brings together the science of performance and engagement and examines work-life as an integrated whole through the lens of two important assets that will determine the quality of your life and work -- human judgment and decision making. Course content is derived from over 13 years of research and working with high-stakes entrepreneurial management teams, transitioning military veterans, workforce development groups and executives.

Career Mojo is structured to be an interactive course designed to be built around developing a community of cohorts who together will challenge and inspire each other to be their best. You'll learn about behaviors, motivators, and drivers that will increase the probability of lasting success. The course will be updated regularly with useful tools and guides to help "Mojo architects" make the most of any given situation to create the greatest net value.

*** This course is an investment in YOU! The current course fee is set at an introduction price which will increase after the new year. ***

No special equipment is required other than your full engagement and participation in the course content in addition to feedback so that we can quickly update relevant content for the community. If you can do those things, together we can build a "Mojo" movement where members learn to create work worth doing and a life worth living despite external circumstances. In so doing, we'll rebuild a workforce and work ethic that integrates the whole person and unleashes full potential.

Who this course is for:
  • Career professionals
  • Displaced workers
  • New graduates
  • Pre-retirees
  • Executives planning next steps
  • HR professionals
  • Volunteers
  • Intrapreneurs within organisations
  • Independent contractors
  • Military veterans
Course content
Expand all 19 lectures 04:39:04
+ Introduction
2 lectures 06:31

Career Mojo is a human-centered perspective for tapping into natural dimensions of creative flow to create work worth doing and a life worth living.

Preview 01:46

A quick introduction to the instructors Bryan Sykes and Sam Brown.

Preview 04:45
+ Making the shift to a new world of work
2 lectures 25:17

Working in the 21st Century requires a new paradigm of personal effectiveness and success. In this session, we examine the new nature of work and the implications for regenerative success in the new economy.

Preview 09:22

To create a life of work that is a statement of authenticity, you must be fully invest in yourself to give all that you are. It is from the 'whole' person perspective that you can offer the world your best work while at the same time nourish your soul.

Sizing Up the 'Whole' Person
+ Heart – Activating what makes you feel most alive
5 lectures 01:24:41

Personal integrity is the chief cornerstone in developing a regenerative body because it serves as the paradigm and guide by which you take all action. It reflects the substance that stands underneath everything you do. This session is about developing a personal model of effectiveness that defines success as what happens within you as supposed to what happens to you.

The Integrity Model

You have a personal brand that exemplifies your unique strengths, talents, and capacity to create value in any given moment. In this session, we explore the underpinnings of your unique potential so that you can optimize the real business you're in - the business of expressing who you are.

Preview 18:25

Working from the heart is the highest dimension for connecting to meaningful work that make you feel most alive. Authentic engagement and momentum is derived from the raw roots and substance that lie underneath the surface of your being.

Working From the Heart

The holidays is a wonderful time to rethink about what matters most. To be the architect of your own future, you must make a focused effort to attain it. In this special session, you'll discover one of the most prevailing questions you can ask to help position you in any given moment to create the greatest value in your personal and professional life. This special session will help you start 2015 with a bang!

Preview 19:39
+ Hand – Navigating the course ahead
5 lectures 01:24:35

In this session we explore the dynamics of how to architect your own future. By the end of the session, you'll come away with an understanding of how to take control of your career despite any external circumstantial evidence.

Preview 14:01

You already naturally desire to become all that you're capable of becoming. Value creation milestones is about understanding the value you're creating for self and others as you continue to unfold your life and career.

Value creation milestones

In this session we explore the pathway of creating and engaging in work that's fulfilling and supports regenerative growth and development. "Live you making" is a unique heart-centered work perspective that considers work as a giving process and exchange of value.

"Live your making"

In part 2 of this lecture, we continue to explore the Live you making model and get in depth about the implementation tool: the 13x4

Live your making, part 2

In this session we explore the dynamics of aligning your inner strengths and talents with unique opportunities of work. This is a specific process of understanding how to play according to your unique strengths and talents and how they support the unfolding of your life and work.

Talent Dynamics
+ Head – Adopting a Mojo mindset for success
5 lectures 01:18:00

Success is not about the destination as it is earning the right to be there. Adopting a Mojo mindset is about deciding how you want to live your life and then organizing your inner resources to support that reality.

Preview 13:56

Research contributes 70% of finding work of choice to networking. However, in today's fast pace world, networking is no longer simply about who knows you or even who you know. Radical collaboration is the invitation to build power networks through the art of 'community' and the dynamics of value creation.

Radical Collaboration

This session is about working with the dynamics of purpose and vision. You will explore how to turn both into a reality that supports day to day actions that sustain alignment with what's most important.

Your Mojo Master Plan

You will always act, feel, and perform in accordance to what you consider to be true about yourself and the environment around you. Living your truth shapes and forms the behaviors and actions that will draw you closer to achieving your true potential. Living the Masterful Life will help you unleash the untapped power to be yourself and live the life you've imagined.

Living the Masterful Life

What do you want from the work you do? This bonus session is for you if you're looking to...

  1. Holistically raise the bar personally and professionally.
  2. Engage in a practise of implementation that get results.
  3. Incorporate a system of action that requires minimum will.

You'll experience this and more when you 'Take the Successive Challenge.' This short bonus session is an introduction to Successive which is an integrated system and practise of implementation that converts physical, intellectual, and emotional energy into purposeful action. Take the Successive Challenge and learn how to Be more Do more and Have more than what you're currently experiencing.

Preview 11:09