Career Development and Career Success Course
4.0 (29 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
6,381 students enrolled

Career Development and Career Success Course

See How Addicted Individuals can Obtain Purposeful and Impactful Employment using Evidence-based Strategies
4.0 (29 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
6,381 students enrolled
Last updated 7/2018
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This course includes
  • 4 hours on-demand video
  • 34 downloadable resources
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What you'll learn
  • Understand your interests, values and personality and what environments you thrive in
  • Understand what occupations are best suited to them to bring satisfaction in their life
  • Discover what environments allow you to apply your strenghts
  • Know how to obtain a career you will really love
  • Secrets of building resumes and build your own
  • Answer tough interview questions with ease and confidence
  • Obtain meaningful and impactful employment
  • No previous knowledge or tools required

Let me ask you a question…

Do you go from one job to the next?

Or maybe you can’t seem to keep a job…

Maybe you just don’t find it enjoyable…

You've heard that obtaining meaningful and impactful employment makes you happy and boosts your self-esteem...

But did you know that obtaining meaningful and impactful employment keeps people off drugs, off the streets, and out of trouble… I am here to tell you that it is absolutely true...

The research is clear on this. But where do you start?

You know there are people that love their jobs…

You know people who are very successful in their careers…

What makes them different from you? What should you be doing differently?

Is there something you’re missing? I am here to tell you there is…

And that’s why you are here, right?

Or maybe you are here for someone else, someone that you are trying to help… A loved one, a spouse or a client.

Whoever it might be, you’re tired from feeling frustrated, aren’t you? Is it really too much to ask for?

A career you care about, something you are good at, something that motivates and excites you?

Let me tell you a little secret…

If you want to find a job that motivates and excites you, it doesn’t start at the job board…

It first starts with YOU… It starts with knowing who you really are, and understanding yourself…

Something that MOST people miss… Over the last several years, I have helped thousands of people discover their passion, what they are good at, and what environments they thrive in..

And I've got to tell you that when you find the job you love, it changes you…

Your happiness increases. Your confidence in yourself increases and you find life enjoyable.

When you thrive in a career, you thrive in life…

You see, a job is something you do to earn money…

But a satisfying career is something that fulfills your interests, personality and skills…

It is long-term and defines who you are… It becomes part of your self-identity…

I’ve attended and met people from worldwide and national training…

I’ve studied all sorts of different personality, interest, skills, and ability assessments…

And I've become certified in many…

Over the last several years, I have helped individuals overcome countless barriers because they obtained employment in an area that allows them to flourish…

You may have thought that you’re introverted because being around people drains you…

Maybe you think you're extroverted because people energize you…

Maybe you have a knack for picking up on details… Or maybe you are excellent with tasks that require physical skill…

Or maybe you’re good at persuasion, selling or motivating others…

But unless someone points it out enough…

Or you discover it for yourself through assessments and exercises, you may never know for sure…

Once you discover your strengths, you'll be able to use them to thrive in life!

The Career Success Course includes:

22 step-by-step videos and tools showing you how to understand yourself, your skills, interests, personality and what environments allow you to flourish in life. There is a reason psychologists, clinicians and legislators keep saying that purposeful and impactful employment leads to life satisfaction. It first starts with self-discovery, who you really are and knowing what environments you'll thrive in! 

Discover how now...

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn about themselves and what careers they will flourish in
  • Originally designed for those struggling with addiction, but anyone can benefit from this information, because it helps you understand yourself and how to gain satisfaction in life
Course content
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+ Introduction to Career Development and the Career Success Course
2 lectures 26:23

Before we begin, it is important to understand why recovery from addiction and practically every ailment, can dramatically improve when you find success in your career. Just focusing on “overcoming” an addiction alone is not as successful as focusing on building a new "addiction free" life.

Research has shown that successful recovery increases when addicted individuals work, and work in an area where they find satisfaction in (Platt, 1995).

The reason why work is essential in recovery, is because it builds confidence, helps the addicted individual to develop a positive self-concept, provides him or her a greater responsibility, allows more decision-making, and helps you to build positive relationships with others who are successful.

But it isn’t just about employment. It’s about finding a career where your personality can really flourish. This course is about knowing yourself, your interest, skills, personality and values, and applying it to an occupation that makes you successful.

Preview 11:20

In this video, you'll learn about the importance employment has in recovery and overall life satisfaction. Following Abraham Maslow’s  Hierarchy of Needs, you can see how employment pushes an individual higher up the hierarchy where addiction is no longer necessary.

Hierarchy of Needs
+ Discovering Your Personality
4 lectures 59:55

Understanding your personality type helps you to learn about yourself and what environments you would find most satisfying. For example, if you are more introverted, you may not want a job that requires constant speaking or persuading others. If you are more extroverted, you probably would not enjoy a job where you had minimal contact with others.

Discovering your personality type will help you to make better decisions, communicate more effectively, how to avoid or manage stressful situations. It will also help you discoverer your strengths, which are all very important pieces of selecting an appropriate work environment where you can flourish and become successful. 

There is another benefit to learning about your personality type. You will be able to capitalize on your strengths. Finding occupations where our personalities can flourish also allows us to apply our strengths. If you have ever worked in an occupation that goes against your personality preferences, you probably have experienced a great deal of discomfort, stress at work or frustration.

Introduction to Personality Type

It is important to understand personality preferences, so that you can truly understand what they mean and how they apply in your life. Personality preferences, is just that. A preference. What do you do more? What comes more natural and instinctive? Do you tend to extravert more, or do you introvert more? Does being around others for too long drain you or give you energy?

This video is very helpful because it helps you to know what personality preferences are and how they fit together to make up your personality type. We all prefer different environments, take in information in different ways, make decisions differently and take different approaches to life. This explains how we come to different conclusions.

Understanding each preference and how it functions in your personality type, will help you to gravitate toward occupations that are most rewarding.

Exploring Personality Type

In this video, I will be showing you how to take a free personality type assessment. I have tested and tried with myself and many of my clients and students, and in my experience, the results have remained very consistent. The link to the free personality assessment is found by clicking here.

Using Personality Assessments

In this video, I am going to show you where to get information about occupations that are best suited for your personality type. Ball State

University, really seems to have a great resource. You can click here to go to the Ball State University's website.

Careers for Your Personality Type
+ Discovering Your Interests
3 lectures 24:01

Choosing a career that fits your interest is a very important step to becoming successful and satisfied in your occupation. The "Holland Codes" developed by John Holland, an American Psychologist, is very helpful in determining what occupations you would be most interested in and most satisfied with.

Discovering Your Interests

In this video, I am going to show you how to take a free online assessment that will show you where you lie in regards to the Holland Codes. In the last video I asked you to take note of which categories you best fit. I asked you to put down your top 3. That is your self-estimate.

In this video, I will show you how to take an assessment and compare your self-estimate to the assessment results.

Taking an Interest Assessment

In this video, I will show you how to find occupations that fit your "Holland Code". 

Click Here to go to the "Onet Interest Profiler" free online assessment.

Finding Occupations That Fit Your Interests
+ Discovering Your Work Values
3 lectures 15:16

In the previous video, I showed you how to conduct research using to look at occupations that meet your interests. In this video, I will discuss values.

If you work in an occupation that doesn't meet your values, you will become dissatisfied with work. You want to choose a career that meets your values. The video will show you 6 different values to look at.

Understanding Work Values

In this video, I will show you how to complete an exercise to determine what your work values are. This exercise will help to identify and pin down your top values. There is also a worksheet attached below this video titled “Determining Your Work Values”.

Determinging Your Work Values

In this video, I will show you how to research occupations that meet your work values. Using again, it makes this process

Careers That Meet Your Work Values
+ Pinning Down a Satisfying Career
3 lectures 23:23

In the preceding videos up until now, we have covered important aspects that help you to understand yourself. In this module, I will focus on showing you how to use that information to pin down your career.

This is where understanding your personality traits, your interests and your values, comes together to help you select your career.

Pinning Down A Career

In this video, I will show you how to network, which is the best way to find a job. You should keep in mind that job searching can be a fulltimejob in itself. You should be constantly networking, with those around you and continually building your network of friends, family and acquaintances, targeting your resume, applying to opportunities that come your way, practicing interviewing, etc.

Job Search Strategies

In this video, I am going to help you to understand what employers are  looking for in potential candidate, which is determined by surveys and research. The reason you want to know this is because you want to reflect in your social media, resume, during the interview and through networking that you demonstrate these characteristics.

What Employers Want
+ Crafting a Perfect Resume
3 lectures 32:40

In this video, I will show you how to create an effective and targeted resume using simple techniques and tricks that will dramatically improve look and functionality of the resume.

A resume is a marketing tool that will list your best qualifications and target them to a specific job. It presents your skills, qualifications, knowledge and experience. It should also demonstrate your ability to produce results. Your resume shows the employer what you can do for their company.

Introduction to Resumes

In this video, I will show you how to add content to your resume. I have provided you with sample resume templates that you can download and

Building Your Resume

Most people struggle to know what to put on their resume and how to create "power phrases". You can go to to use this website and database to come up with ideas of what to put on your resume.

Using will help you find out specifically what tasks you were doing in your previous job and help you to generate ideas.

Adding Content to Your Resume
+ Simple Strategies for Creating a Cover Letter and References
2 lectures 12:07

In this video, I will be showing you how to create a cover letter. A cover letter should tell potential employers why they need to take a look at your resume.

Cover letters are about how you benefit the company. So don’t focus so much about you, and what you will gain. You will also want to make sure to submit your cover letter and address it to the individual who is doing the hiring.

Creating A Cover Letter

In this video, I will show you how to complete your reference page. You want your references to be on a separate page.

Important: Before you put your references down, you want to make sure you have contacted your references and that they will give you a positive recommendation. You also want them to know that they may get a call from a potential employer.

+ How to Ace the Interview
2 lectures 39:02

In this video, I will show you how to research employers and how you should use that information for the interview. Knowing the job and knowing the company mean the difference between getting the job and not getting it. Before meeting with an employer and having an interview, you

want to make sure you have done your research.

Preparing for the Interview

In this video, I am going to cover what you need to focus on for the interview and how to respond to the interview questions. A good interview will get you hired. You need to prepare. Everybody can benefit from acquiring Interview skills.

To be successful in interviewing you need to sell yourself. Interviewers will want to discuss your specific qualifications that relate to the job you have applied. You must be prepared and have examples to give to the interviewer. This way, you can prove to the interviewer you are perfect for the position.

You need to bring a copy of your resume, cover letter or reference page (if applicable) to the interview for each committee member who interviews you. If you do not know how many will be there, bring several copies.

The most effective way to answer interview questions is when you are “proving it”- prove you have the qualifications and skills to the employer by providing specific examples.

During the Interview