Fit and Focused Brain-Body Blueprint. Productivity meets ABS

Neuroscience-based lifestyle, habits, nutrition and work hacks to CONSISTENTLY deliver your best work, staying fit.
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Essential habits and routines, neuroscience-backed nutrition principles to CANCEL BRAIN FOG and design for focus, deep work and prime flow states.
Neuroscience-based habits and routines to optimize brain chemistry for focus, clarity, motivation, confidence and flow.
Foods and hydration principles to optimize and improve memory, attention span, creativity and prevent brain fog, ADHD-like symptoms, anxiety and overwhelm.
Breathing practices, the science of naps, micro and fitness breaks to increase focus for long learning and deep work sessions.
Best practices backed by behavioral science to build habits – an essential tool to build and maintain skill long-term to keep any results for life.
Sleep hygiene, routines and biohacks to increase focus, alertness, motivation and boost creativity.


  • No prior special skills, equipment or knowledge required.
  • You need to love learning and improving.
  • You need to have an open-minded to try and test new things.
  • You need grit and enough drive to start applying what you learn CONSISTENTLY - otherwise you'll get no results from this course.


This course is designed to help you build foundational habits, eating practices, morning and night routines to prime productive states of your brain like deep focus and flow, sustained motivation, helping you to eliminate brain fog, energy roller coaster, mental fatigue, which prevent you from getting things done.

The information presented in this course combines Neuroscience Research, Brain Nutrition, Behavioral and Integrative Health Sciences, helping you to maintain consistent high brain productivity, and fit and healthy body.

All protocols are simple and easy to implement and require no special equipment or "extraordinary" purchases.


  • Cancel brain fog and forget what it feels like to be unclear and forgetful;

  • Increase your focus without multiple apps and protocols to manage the "distracted mind";

  • Prime flow states where you have a chance to produce your best work and take your career and business to a new level;

  • Increase confidence by optimizing brain chemistry;

  • Decrease stress, anxiety and overwhelm, which often block your productivity;

  • Improve your short and long-term memory and help you become an outstanding speaker, thought leader, content creator;

  • Improve clarity, speed of thinking and decision making - fast progress and moonshot goals require good decisions delivered fast and at scale;

  • Increase your mood, optimism, motivation and personal charisma that will make any elevator pitch, presentation or sales call almost a guaranteed success;

  • Come up with truly original ideas that can change the world!

How much potential and results are you leaving on the table DAILY⁉️⁣⁣

Who this course is for:

  • Mission-driven entrepreneurs, thought leaders, content-creators, self-employed freedompreneurs with BIG goals and no time to waste on ineffective brain states like brain fog, energy rollorcoaster, lack of focus, clarity and motivation, lots of anxieties, overwhelm and ADHD.
  • This course is NOT for people who don't care about personal productivity and doing their best work in the most effective way!


Create your Time & Location Freedom with your Creativity
Greg Hung
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If you have a passion and talent for creating video and want to enjoy a life of time and location freedom then our courses can help you get there. I have followed this path since 2013 and my courses have been designed to share my know.

My passion is Travel, Video, Business and living a Freedom lifestyle. I've left the IT corporate world in Vancouver Canada after 13 years to pursue my passions. I left for Taiwan to start my Video Production business from ground zero. I discovered the Digital Nomad movement in Thailand and have honed my creative and business skills.

Improve your ability to Create

If you're looking to improve your ability to create and edit Video so that you can create amazing Videos for clients of your social media followings using camera's like Drones, Mirrorless Camera's, SLR camera's, Gopro's, Gimbals, and more you'll enjoy our course offerings.

Improve your Business Skills for Creatives

I'll arm you with business and marketing skills to help you market your skills and work to clients. I'll also share business models and specific how to courses to help you monetize on your skills and video assets.

Travel and Freedom Lifestyle

I've lived abroad in Asia since 2013 and started working on my business full-time since 2014. I share my experience on lifestyle design and living guides for popular destinations to live and create such as Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, and more. I can also help you with productivity as a Videographer no matter where you are.

Angela Shurina
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 52 Reviews
  • 2,626 Students
  • 1 Course

Angela Shurina is a Brain Performance Productivity Coach, Speaker, Author, Researcher

For the past 11 years, Angela has been working with mission-driven entrepreneurs around the world helping them to use nutrition and lifestyle tools to feel, look and achieve their absolute best.

Recently Angela fully transitioned to Brain Performance Coaching for remote teams, location-independent entrepreneurs, digital nomads who have world-changing goals and no time to waste on unproductive brain states, foggy mornings, sleepy afternoons and sleepless nights, decision fatigue and overwhelming anxiety, and lack of daily motivation.

In her work, Angela combines Neuroscience Research, Nutrition, Integrative Health and Behavioral Sciences to help ambitious people get and stay focused and productive on demand.

You'd want to work with Angela if you want to live this quote:

"I wasn't high. I wasn't wired.

Just clear.

I knew what I needed to do and how to do it." ~ Limitless

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