Camtasia 9 for Beginners: Step by Step Course
4.2 (16 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,388 students enrolled

Camtasia 9 for Beginners: Step by Step Course

Master Video Editing And Production With This Easy To Follow Step By Step Course.
4.2 (16 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,388 students enrolled
Created by Filip Delac
Last updated 2/2019
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What you'll learn
  • How to download and install Camtasia Studio 9
  • Get around the interface, keyboard shortcuts, and best practices
  • Record your computer screen and audio
  • How to edit videos, add text, animations, transitions and more
  • Import images, sounds, screen recordings or webcam video
  • Learn how to record voice narrations
  • Organize files and folders for maximum effectiveness
  • Use annotations to point out important parts of your video
  • Create noise-free audio and adjust volume levels
  • Add open and closed captions to their videos
  • Produce videos in different formats
  • Prepare Camtasia for highest-quality export
  • PC with Windows OS
  • Basic understanding of Windows OS (installing programs, saving files, creating and navigating folders,)
  • Know that Camtasia is software for recording a computer screen and making videos
  • Willingness to learn new things
  • Having fun

Welcome to the Camtasia Studio 9 for Beginners: Step by Step Course. Learn how to master Camtasia Studio 9 and create awesome videos.

If you think that video editing is hard, then you must have been using bad software that produces bad videos. It’s not that you are bad at video editing and producing, it’s that you don’t have a decent program, proper knowledge, or a good instructor. You run across all those technical languages, overcomplicated tutorials on youtube that don’t go straight to the point and finally lose your time and money and got pretty bad results.

If you are a beginner that wants to learn how to make high-quality videos and you want to learn video editing, then you are in the right place.

Let me tell you why:

In this Camtasia course, you will find everything that you need to start making awesome and good looking videos.

This course is designed to give you quick and easy instructions and prepare you for the world of video.

Why Camtasia Studio 9?

I also use Camtasia Studio 9 from TechSmith as my screen recorder & screen capture because it is very easy and intuitive and comes with a user-friendly interface.

If you want to quickly learn and produce videos fast and save money on software then Techsmith Camtasia Studio 9 is for you.

Why you need this course?

  • Camtasia is a very powerful program that will work for you, not against you.

  • You will make awesome videos for school, homework, shows, Youtube or Udemy.

  • Use one of the best screen recorders for PC

  • Express yourself and unleash your creativity

Camtasia 9 for Beginners: Step by Step Course will teach you how to download and install Camtasia Studio 9, how to get around the interface, how to record your screen, voice, and how to properly organize yourself to make video creating and editing fun and engaging.

In this Camtasia 9 for Beginners: Step by Step Course you will learn how to import different media types, save projects, and export high-quality videos.

Learn a new skill that will definitely enrich you, make you more tech-savvy and help you create high-quality videos.

With THIS COURSE, a whole new range of options is opened up for you!

Come along with me and enroll in this course and start making awesome videos today!

You will get a Certificate of Completion when you finish the course.

With 30-day 100% money back guarantee, there is nothing holding you back from jumping in and trying the course out.

I hope you will enjoy this course as much as I enjoy making it.

Best regards,

Your Udemy instructor Filip Delac

Who this course is for:
  • Instructors who want to use Camtasia as a training tool.
  • Teachers, presenters or anyone else in the education niche.
  • Perfect for creating a course on Udemy
  • This course is designed for Windows users in mind but Mac users can follow it without any problems
  • Marketers who want to sell or demonstrate their products.
  • Anyone who wants to create awesome videos
Course content
Expand all 30 lectures 01:01:09
+ Course Introduction
2 lectures 02:14

Welcome to the Camtasia 9 tutorial for beginners! In this quick course, you will learn how to use and master Camtasia studio 9 and create any video you want. So, if you are ready to explore one of the best program for video editing then this tutorial is for you.

Preview 00:44

In this course, you will learn how to download and install camtasia studio 9, how to get around the interface and learn how to set up your camtasia for the video recording and production. Also, you will handle screen recordings, importing and exporting and finally you will learn how to use tools to crop, move, copy or paste in camtasia studio. Before you dive into section how to master audio you will cover all the necessary procedures so you can extend frames, group and learn about large camtasia library. With my extra tips and tricks you will master video and audio production in no time.

Preview 01:30
+ Downloading, Installing and Getting Ready!
2 lectures 03:55

Before you download Camtasia Studio, make sure that you can run it smoothly on your computer. To be able to do run it, you need to have at least minimum requirements. Also, you will be able to download Camtasia from their original website. This is the best way to install it because the file you download is coming from the trusted source, which is Camtasia website itself, and you can be sure it’s without viruses or other bad stuff. You will be able to do everything as same as in the full version, but when you export videos they will have a watermark on it. That’s the only difference between trial and paid version.

Preview 01:37

After you install Camtasia you will see the interface, of course. Don’t do anything in this lecture, just sit back, relax and imagine that you are a tourist on a bus tour across Camtasia, and I’ll be your guide.

Preview 02:18
+ Recording your Screen
1 lecture 05:28

Camtasia has its own recording tool. With it, you will be able to easily record your computer screen. When you know how to use it you will be able to perform high-quality screen recordings. Also, I’ll cover how to record only narration in the later lectures so stay sharp. Recording tool has this top menu where you can adjust various options. With the capture menu, you can start recording with F9 and stop it with F10. Use this shortcuts to speed up your process.

Preview 05:28
+ Importing, Exporting, and Organization
4 lectures 08:48

They say that organized home is happy home, so it’s same with your Camtasia project. Since Camtasia will be your home of video editing, it should be nice and clean. As a video editor, you need to deal with lots of content and media types of different sizes. One simple solution is to create a so-called template that you will use for every project. In this lecture you will see my personal project organization and I recommend to tailor this to your needs, or just use it for the reference or add more specific categories, it’s up to you. This can help you collect assets, and as you import them into Camtasia you’ll know exactly where each item is. Also, it will greatly help you transfer whole projects without any problems.

Folder and File organization

Camtasia supports lots of different media types. Most of the time you will have no problems with this, but if you do, don’t worry, there is an easy solution to your problem, it’s called Handbrake, an open-source, free video format converter. I’ll cover it at the end of the tutorial since you will not need it right now. Also, it’s very important to have a clean folder structure because if you move files from their original place Camtasia will ask you to locate it. You don’t want to lose time on that! Right?

Importing Media

Before you export your video, I strongly suggest to create your custom production settings. I do this mainly to have full control over my exported videos and to speed up the exporting process. In this lecture you will learn everything you need to know about preparing your Camtasia for high quality export.

Preparing For Best Export Quality

In the following lectures, you will learn everything you need to create and manipulate a video in Camtasia. We will go to together through all the options, effects and techniques which will get you a basic understanding of how Camtasia works and how to incorporate them in your projects. In the later lectures, I’ll cover useful tips and tricks and best practices to stay sharp

Let's Learn the Tools!
+ Learning the Tools
10 lectures 24:23

Canvas or preview pane is for previewing your project while you are working on it. Let’s import some media to see how it works.

Canvas Basics: Move, Crop, Zoom & Pan

The timeline is the second most important part of Camtasia. Over here you will sort all your images, videos, transitions, effects, animation and so on, so it’s important to know how it works.

Understanding Timeline

This big timeline marker or playhead will also be your best friend when making videos.

What is Playhead And Your First Video Split

In this lecture, you will learn how to copy, paste and cut in Camtasia 9. Very useful tools that every video editor must know!

How To Cut, Copy And Change Clip Speed

Extending frames is a very useful feature that you can use to fill some empty space between clips or just to extend part of the video if you have some narration that is longer than the video itself and grouping is a very useful feature that you can use to sort things out. It will allow you better organization and easier manipulation of the clips, especially when you need to move things around.

Extending Frames. Grouping and Library

Learn how to add annotations to your video!


Transitions are classic, and you will use them a lot. They allow you to make fine transitions between clips. Behaviors are like little animation for your video or images. Also, you can add multiple behaviors for the same thing. My recommendation is to use them sparingly, mostly on the texts, and callouts, and less on the images or long videos, but it’s up to you as long as you think is good.

Transitions and Behaviours

Zooming is one of the effects that instructors and online teachers like to use to make things more clear and understandable. Animations can take your whole day if you really want to get into it. Since this is not an animation tutorial, I’ll cover the basics, and you’ll have enough time later to play with.

Zoom and Animations

With cursor effects, you will be able to highlight important things so your students can see what are you clicking. Visual effects will enrich and make your videos moe vivid or even black and white.

Cursor and Visual Effects

Learn how to add captions to your video and make it more understandable!

Adding Captions
+ Master Audio
2 lectures 04:41

There's a reason the A is listed first in AV. It's audio/visual not visual/audio. Producers often focus too much on the video side of a project and forget the importance of the audio. As a result, the badly recorded sound will kill a video due to poor audio quality. For this reason, when you watch a video and the audio quality is not good, the first thing your brain says is, "The picture looks bad.”

Audio Options

Learn how to add narration to your videos!

+ Expanding Knowledge - Tips & Tricks
7 lectures 10:04

HandBrake is a free and open-source transcoder for digital video files. Today Handbrake is used to quickly change from one format to another. So,  let’s install Handbrake and see how it can help you in your projects.

Converting Files with Handbrake

Markers in Camtasia are a good way to mark editing points or just to remind yourself what you need to do.

How to Use Markers

Sometimes you want to record music or sounds from the computer along with your voice. This lecture will show you how to do it in under a minute!

How to Record System Audio

Sometimes you will need to import .mov files into Camtasia Studio. A MOV file is a file format developed by Apple. Usually, you need to have Quicktime installed on windows to be able to do that importing, but Apple decided to no longer support updates to QuickTime on Windows. Let me show you how to do it very easily and without any third party software.

How to Import .mov files

If you are making videos with commercial intent it’s good to know that you have some great resources that you can use absolutely free. This means that you can take those images, videos or music without fear of being banned from youtube or sued from the original author so use these resources however you want. I’ll cover a few of most popular of them in this lecture but you can check resources for the complete list.

Where To Download Absolutely Free Music, Videos, Or Images

Sometimes you want to have multiple videos on the same screen like webcam video or other videos. It's easy to do so let's go!

How to Enable Picture in Picture (PIP) in your Camtasia Studio Projects

Keyboard shortcuts are extremely important for your workflow. They will drastically save your time and make you look like a true video editing professional. I collected the most important shortcuts in the resources of this lecture so make sure to download them and have them handy for your next project.

Keyboard shortcuts
+ Course Ending
2 lectures 01:36

Congratulations on the finished course. So far we covered everything you need to produce great looking videos:

  • how to download and install Camtasia Studio 9,

  • getting around the interface,

  • keyboard shortcuts,

  • and best practices,

  • how to record your computer screen and audio,

  • Import images, sounds, screen recordings or webcam video.

  • how to edit videos, add text, animations, transitions and more,

    Also, you are now master in Organizing files and folders for maximum effectiveness.
    With this beginner level course, you are now skilled in producing a huge variety of videos in different formats.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me, If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here on Udemy, and I’ll do my best to help you out. Thank you and see you in some other courses!

Congratulations on the finished course!

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