Cambridge Primary Mathematics Learner Book 1

Explain Cambridge Primary Mathematics Learner Book 1
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The opportunity to explore a maths curriculum founded on the values of the University of Cambridge and best practices in schools
Access to an innovative package of online and print resources that can help bring the Cambridge Primary Mathematics curriculum to life in the classroom.
Learn the simple Mathematics operations
Using techniques and skills in solving mathematical problems.


  • This course is intended for purchase by ADULTS
  • No requirements as it is the most basic level


The course offers a discussion-led approach, with problem-solving integrated throughout to encourage learners to think and talk about mathematics, in favor of rote learning and drill practice. Practical activities form the basis for each session and come complete with ideas for support and extension. Pair, group, and classwork are integrated with individual work, and learners are encouraged to explain and reason their choices.

This series is endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations and is part of Cambridge Maths. Children will enjoy learning mathematics with this fun and attractive learner's book for stage 1. A variety of questions, activities, investigations, and games that are designed to reinforce the concepts learned in the core activities in the teacher's guide and address misconceptions are included along with hints and tips. Clear, often pictorial, explanation of mathematical vocabulary will help children learn new terms whether they are native English speakers or second language speakers and great care has been made to ensure language is accessible.

Table of contents

1. Numbers and the number system: counting; 2. Addition and subtraction: playing with 10; 3. Measures: length; 4. Addition and subtraction: beyond 10; 5. Numbers and the number system: estimating; 6. Shapes and geometric reasoning: introducing 2D, 3D, and patterns; 7. Addition and subtraction: beyond 20; 8. Measures: measuring and estimating capacity (1); 9. Measures: money, time, and data; 10. Measures: comparing weight; 11. Numbers and the number system: odd and even numbers; 12. Numbers and the number system: ordering numbers (1); 13. Addition and subtraction: combine and take away; 14. Numbers and the number system: ordering numbers (2); 15. Measures: money; 16. Measures: ordering (length and weight); 17. Measures: measuring and estimating capacity (2); 18. Measures: minutes, days, and months; 19. Organising, categorising, and representing data (1); 20. Number and the number system: counting in tens; 21. Addition and subtraction: number lines, counting on and counting back; 22. Multiplication and division: doubles and halves; 23. Addition and subtraction: number patterns; 24. Measures: money; 25. Measures: comparing (length and weight); 26. Measures: further estimating and comparing of capacity; 27. Measures: telling the time and months of the year; 28. Organising, categorising, and representing data (2).

Who this course is for:

  • Students who taking Cambridge Primary schools
  • This course is intended for purchase by ADULTS


  • 3.2 Instructor Rating
  • 4 Reviews
  • 509 Students
  • 1 Course

A Mechatronics Engineer who is passionate in mathematics.

Created and maintained a welcoming, friendly, engaging, and nurturing classroom environment where all students felt comfortable.

Established classroom and field trip rules and enforced them fairly and effectively.

Developed rigorous lesson plans and lectures and prepared students for quizzes and tests.

Graded papers, lessons, tests, quizzes, and other assignments, relaying information to parents and school board when necessary.

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