Calming Colic mother and baby help
4.8 (3 ratings)
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Calming Colic mother and baby help

Is your baby upset, colic, crying, reflux? Do you feel helpless and unable to help them? This course has all the help !
4.8 (3 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
22 students enrolled
Created by Christian Bates
Last updated 4/2020
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What you'll learn
  • How to help an upset, crying, colic, reflux not sleeping baby
  • How to help your baby have better future health (as it's all linked)
  • You have a new baby, they are upset and you don't know how to help them and you want your baby to have better future health too

This course includes years and years of my work, research and experience I have gained in helping upset, crying babies and educating their parents who feel helpless as they don't understand why their baby is in pain and have no idea how to help them. What's even worse is there is a serious lack of knowledge and inconsistent advice, even by professionals, given to  parents.

You will find this course to hold answers for you as to WHY your baby is upset and how to help them. What's more it will actually make sense to you! It often contradicts advice you have had from friends, family and even other baby health professionals. I honestly am not sure where some of the advice you get comes from! Like "there is no cure for colic", "all babies cry", "just wait until they grow out of it". You do not have to wait and yes there are ways to help your baby be better now and even healthier into the future because of how you help them now.

I have dedicate my working life to understanding why babies can be so upset with colic, reflux, why they don't sleep, cry excessively, scream and generally helping parents understand what is wrong with their baby. Parents can feel so helpless when they cannot calm their baby and importantly do not understand what is wrong with them. It's very worrying and made worse by lack of sleep. You have been so focused up until this point of being pregnant and delivering your baby that it hadn't crossed your mind what happens when you actually have a baby that is difficult to settle. This is the course you wished you had done BEFORE you had your baby.

I can tell you through my 20 plus years of helping babies that there are reasons your baby is upset! And they can be helped. It's all in my course. All my videos are short and easily watched. You can skip around to the sections that are most relevant to you. The help I offer will even set your baby up for improved future health. I have based this on scientific research and I will translate that research into usable and helpful information in my course for you too.

I have a section on scientific research and I find research that will be of use to you to improve yours health and your baby's now and into the future. I read the research and translate the results and explain to you how you can implement it and why. I also tell you stories of babies I have helped in the past, picking out some of the most unusual stories and extreme baby issues.

I'm am so pleased with this mother and baby help course, it brings together all my knowledge and all my ebooks I have written. The 7 ebooks are all available for download in this course too. It is the total package for the health of you and your baby.

Check out the free preview videos and if you have any questions at all then email me on Tell me a bit about your baby's problems and I will make sure that this course will be fantastic value and learning for you.

Who this course is for:
  • New parents with a new baby that has colic, reflux or is crying excessively and they feel helpless seeing their baby in pain and they don't know how help them
Course content
Expand all 103 lectures 05:51:13
+ The myths of colic and rubbish you are being told
9 lectures 27:26
The myth of antibiotics and the problems they cause
The myth of the number of poo's your baby should be having
The myth of what a mum eats affecting her breast milk
The myth that colic has NO cause
The myth of waiting 12 weeks and your baby will be better
"All babies cry!" But is your baby crying ALL the time
Myth: Breastfed babies don't need to be winded
Does your baby want to be held all the time? Is it normal?
+ Let's talk about sleep and calming your baby
9 lectures 35:01
A lovely calming technique
Do you have to "ACTIVELY CALM" your baby? Jiggle, sussh, hold all the time.
Does a baby understand day and night?
Do you HAVE to swaddle your baby to settle them
Night routine and low lighting and blue light excess
Daddy's home! Evening routine
Does your baby have a strong startle reflex?
Does getting a routine help your baby sleep?
Sleep regression. Does it exist? If not can it be helped.
+ Let's talk about Colic, Poo's and Wind
5 lectures 17:22

Colic is basically trapped wind. But the best bit of knowledge for you to help your baby is WHY they have the wind and how you can help un-trap it.

Preview 04:27
Your baby's "Poo-cadian Rhythm"
Does your baby get worse at the weekend?
The mum having tummy problems like IBS can aggravate colic
Are you taking iron supplements?
+ Your Baby BirthType (Trademark)
8 lectures 30:47

These are easy ways to group the type of birth you and your baby had. These give me big clues about how to help your baby and to understand why they are behaving as they are i.e. colic, crying, reflux, won't sleep, hate laying on their back and more. These are PATTERNS that I have seen over 22 years of working with mums and babies. You and your baby will most likely have more than one BirthType so have a watch of all the ones relevant to you.

Preview 01:07
Little Frog Baby BirthType (curled in a ball baby)
Boob Shark Baby BirthType
The C-Section Baby BirthType

Did you have a planned C Section? Learn about how the problems you might be having with your baby are related to this delivery type.

Planned C Section Baby BirthType
+ The Science Behind Calming Colic
8 lectures 30:36

The intro video to the section "The Science Behind Calming Colic". Bringing you an understanding of the science of mother and baby health and converting the science into useful, practical information that a mum can understand and use.

Preview 02:36
Omega 3 fats in the breast milk help a baby's "behaviour"
Using probiotics to help premature babies
Gestational diabetes linked to mouth bacteria. How does this affect your baby?
Mothers depression and skin problems linked
Being pregnant is like running a marathon (literally!)
Your baby first poo is rather amazing! And gives us fantastic health info
Mums with coeliacs disease have a different breast milk composition
+ Breastfeeding difficulties
3 lectures 12:00
The biggest cause of breastfeeding difficulties (in my opinion)
One of the hardest babies to breastfeed (Little Meerkat Baby BirthType)

Let me explain why you may NEED to Rugby Ball hold your baby to breastfeed them off one side. This is fine as you must feed them. But it gives me an indicator about possibly a traumatic deliver that can be helped so you don't have to actually use this type of adapted hold.

Do you have to use the "Rugby Ball Hold" to feed your baby?
+ Breastfeeding and the foods a mum eats
10 lectures 32:26
Are you over eating one particular food?
Eating to balance your blood sugar. A great way to eat and snack!
Breast milk and fats and sugars in your diet
Eat like you did when you were pregnant
Your breast milk is partially digested before getting to your baby
Don't replace one trigger food with another
How special sugars a mum eats affects the health of her baby (HMO's)
Look for good times and bad times of colic to figure the foods out
Eat a balanced diet. Science proving my advice is correct
+ Probiotics and your baby's gut bacteria
6 lectures 20:17
Introduction to Probiotics. Your new best friend!
How to use Optibac Probiotics
Genetics V's microbiome (gut bacteria)
Can you prevent colic before your baby is even born?
Stress in pregnancy and an upset baby
Probiotics for mum and baby
+ Formula feeding
3 lectures 09:15
All formulas are NOT the same
Changing formulas. My take on why it can be a good thing