Calligraph-ink: Introduction To Natural Ink Making

Learn to easily create your own eco-friendly inks for calligraphy
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Understand easy A-B-C process of natural ink-making
Understand the beauty and challenges with natural ink-making
Adapt the ink-making A-B-C process to their local environment
Design ways of using natural inks in calligraphy


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Step into the enchanting world of natural ink making with this introductory free course on "Calligraph-ink: Introduction To Natural Ink-Making For Calligraphy."

At the end of this course, you will know not only how to use ink for calligraphy. You will know how to make sustainable, natural inks with your own hands to connect with nature. Natural inks are imbued with one-of-a-kind shades and tones, adding depth and authenticity to your artwork that synthetic dyes cannot replicate.

This is the ONLY course on Udemy that teaches you a simple 3-step process for making eco-friendly natural botanical inks, so you can expand your range of calligraphy inks.

This course is most useful for those who are beginners to ink-making.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand the easy A-B-C process of natural ink-making (even if you never made ink before!)

  • Understand the beauty and challenges in natural ink-making

  • Adapt the ink-making A-B-C process to your local environment

  • Use natural inks in calligraphy projects

The course offers practical hands-on demonstrations, instead of just theories, so that you can easily go on to embark on your natural ink-making journey. Watch over my shoulder as I work with the botanical ingredients. It will inspire your own ideas for working with natural ingredients in your very own backyard.

Embrace the sustainable beauty of botanical inks. Breathe life into your calligraphy work by making and using these living inks that offer Nature's diverse palette of colors.

See you in the course!


Who this course is for:

  • Those who are interested in creating eco-friendly natural inks for use with calligraphy
  • Those who want a deeper connection with nature in their calligraphy process
  • Those who want to create multi-dimensional, one-of-a-kind shades


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