PHP Development

No prerequisite skills, but buckle up and prepare to develop! Covering many aspects of PHP.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (1,470 ratings)
72,022 students
PHP Development
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (1,470 ratings)
72,024 students
Introduce the topics of servers and clients
Introduce basic Web Development
Assist viewers in learning all standardized programming concepts and structures. This includes the basics (if statements) as well as more advanced topics.
Begin teaching PHP specific structures and start developing PHP programs


  • XAMPP or any form of web server (Don't worry, I give instructions on how to set this up).
  • notepad++ (free program)


This course is offered to allow for download and anytime use as well as for anybody who wishes to support my YouTube channel. This course is still in development and by becoming a student to this course you will receive any future video within this series for FREE! When created, they will be added to this course and you can download them as you please (This does not ensure new content). There is also a lot of content already, which will begin your PHP experience! By enrolling in this course I will know that there is an interest in this material and I will be motivated to create EVEN MORE! Thank you to everyone who contributes!

About this course:

This is an introductory course that dives into the basics of many topics in PHP programming, so far including:

  1. Introduction
  2. Servers and Clients
  3. variables and constants
  4. datatypes
    1. Strings and numbers
    2. arrays
    3. etc...
  5. operators
  6. control structures (if, while, for, etc...)
  7. functions
  8. and many of the great possibilities with PHP!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners
  • basic web developers
  • anyone needing a php video reference
  • anyone who wants to be able to watch these videos anywhere!

Course content

4 sections • 60 lectures • 7h 43m total length
  • Introduction: What is PHP?
  • Servers, Clients, and How the Internet Works
  • How does a Local Server Work
  • Installing Xampp for Local Server PHP Development
  • What gets sent to the Browser


Educator, YouTube Partner.
Caleb Curry
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Hi! I'm Caleb. I have created over 1,500 tutorials on data, software development, cryptocurrency, etc. I believe that the way I teach is what matters. I don’t flash big words without explaining them and I don’t assume knowledge.

I keep it simple

My goal is to simplify complex problems for anyone to understand. I'm not your typical "teachers who can create an entire course without actually explaining anything.

I keep it detailed

I also like to be thorough. If you watch my content and don’t leave with a new understanding, then I am not doing my job.

I keep it fun

My primary goal is not to put you to sleep as I read an encyclopedia from slides (I prefer dictionaries). Actually, I kinda hate Powerpoint. My unique approach has caused my videos to be watched 91 years (that’s 800K hours of watchtime on YouTube alone).

I am now a tech trainer with this resume:

170k+ YouTube subscribers

180k+ Udemy students

Ex-IBMer and Ex-Software Engineer

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International speaker on data and Software Development

10 years of coding experience

I love teaching, and I’m beyond excited to have you join me in the learning process.


June 4th, 2012.  I decided to take my skill set to the next level and learn how to professionally program databases as well as websites.  After just graduating my Junior year of high school, I did not have a typical summer vacation.  Rather, I studied daily and prepared for this new goal of mine.  By July 23rd, I uploaded my first class in this new mindset of determination.  Since then, I have created over 1,500 educational classes over database Design, programming, web development, and more.