Intensive Listening Course: Cafe conversations

Everyday English in cafe setting - listening tests - grammar - idioms - vocabulary - full transcripts
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Chat to foreigners using natural English
Improve listening and speaking skills
Increase your English expressions
Revise grammar with quizzes


  • Intermediate English language
  • Need to improve listening and speaking with native speakers of different accents


Lazy Days Cafe is a place where you can join me and my friends as we drink coffee and chat. This is an intensive listening and speaking course where you will listen to native speakers in a cafe setting and practice using the English expressions and vocabulary we use. It's not suitable for beginners but if you are intermediate or above, then you will learn a lot of modern day English from this course. 

You will hear different regional and international accents which will help you work and study in an international setting. The speech is natural - not too fast or too slow - but natural speed and intonation. You will learn English that you do not find in course books. This is the English slang and idioms you will hear on the streets these days.

This course has 5 modules each with a different cafe friend.

Modules include:

  • target grammar

  • English expressions/idioms

  • listening practice

  • listening comprehension questions

  • grammar quiz

  • speaking practice (pronunciation)

  • PDF transcripts

  • MP3 downloads (listen on your phone anytime, anywhere)

Bonus writing questions at the end of the course

If you want to improve your listening skills and speak like a native English speaker, this is your course. Join us and take your English to the next level at Lazy Days Cafe.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who needs to boost their Engish listening skills
  • Anyone who wants to improve their English speaking
  • Anyone who wants to speak to native speakers
  • Anyone who wants to increase their vocabulary


The voice of many English language listening tests
Sian Lovegrove
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I have a background in education in Asia and Africa from Chinese primary school students (year 1) to post-graduate French students.

I have a master's degree in online and distance education and now work in international development.

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