C#: Start programming with C# (for complete beginners)

C# programming for complete beginners. Create first application within few hours!
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Understand important programming fundamentals
Be able to create simple C# application
Be able to learn advanced topics of programming
Have strong foundation in programming


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Do you want to start with programming?

Then this course is designed for you. In this course, you will create your first application using the C# programming language. You will also learn the important concepts of programming. After finishing the course you should be able to create simple applications and have a strong foundation in programming. I try to explain how all the important concepts work and how you can use them in your C# code.

I know you don't have time for long and boring lectures. That is why I try to be as engaging as possible. I am also trying to go directly to the point.

Practice opportunities:

Throughout the course are 4 tests on which you can practice your knowledge. Also during the "CODE" videos, I am trying to keep you engaged by asking questions like "What will be the result of this?".

What will I learn?

  1. what is program

  2. what is programming

  3. variables

  4. data types

  5. if and switch statements

  6. arrays

  7. loops (for, while, do-while)

  8. functions

Who should take this course?

  1. Anyone who wants to learn programming fundamentals

  2. Anyone who wants to start programming in C#

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn programming fundamentals
  • Anyone who wants to start programming in C#


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Hi, my name is Luke, I am the founder of "Luke's Programming School". Currently, we are teaching over 100 000 Students in over 160 countries. Our goal is to have over 150 000 students by the end of this year. We offer courses in Development, E-commerce, and Design.

OUR COURSES: We are focused on making great courses, our goal is to make every course as engaging as possible. That is why most of our courses are short and straight to the point. We focus only on the important things.

UP-TO-DATE: We make sure that all of our courses are up to date, and cover's everything you need.

STUDENT IS THE BOSS: We are doing our best to make you happy and provide a  great learning experience. That is why we respond to questions within a day.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED: If the student is missing some lecture in our course, he can easily ask for them, all you need to do is write us what lectures would you like for us to add and we will add them!

Here is what our students say:

Gustav Gimlich : "Good course, Instructor is explaining well. I also like that there is a lot of exercises. Money good spend."

Nouf : "the course deserve million stars,thankyouuu"

Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Al-areqi : "because the clear explanation of the Java language"

Debarghya Roy : "Awesome explanation"

Mohammad Shaik : "very nicely explained with good and simple examples."

Alan Con : "A perfect course for everyone who wants to learn about java. Thank you so much"

Halkawt Mahdi : "A good instrcutor and a very good course for someone who even do not know what code is."

Willane Paiva de Souza : "Great explanations, precise and at the right speed."

Peter : "Great course, I enjoyed the data structures part the most, Lukáš is a good teacher!"

... and many more :)

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