C#- Loopings ( coding examples on Problem solving)

Problems on Looping ,decision making
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for loop,while loop, do while loop
foreach loop, switch case statement,if..else if..statement
break,goto statement,nested loopings
if ..else if. statements, decision making using loops


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          THIS COURSE has designed to meet the requirements for understanding the looping in c#  and to make decision making based on problem description. AND understand  THE various types of Inheritance types that exist between child and parent classes.

                  Looping in a programming language is a way to execute a statement or a set of statements multiple times depending on the result of the condition to be evaluated to execute statements. The result condition should be true to execute statements within loops

                  Loops are mainly divided into two categories:
         Entry Controlled Loops: The loops in which condition to be tested is present in beginning of loop body are known as Entry Controlled Loops. while loop and for loop are entry controlled loops.

1. while loop The test condition is given in the beginning of the loop and all statements are executed till the given boolean condition satisfies when the condition becomes false, the control will be out from the while loop.

2. for loop

for loop has similar functionality as while loop but with different syntax. for loops are preferred when the number of times loop statements are to be executed is known beforehand. The loop variable initialization, condition to be tested, and increment/decrement of the loop variable is done in one line in for loop thereby providing a shorter, easy to debug structure of looping.

           Exit Controlled Loops: The loops in which the testing condition is present at the end of loop body are termed as Exit Controlled Loops. do-while is an exit controlled loop.
Note: In Exit Controlled Loops, loop body will be evaluated for at-least one time as the testing condition is present at the end of loop body.

1. do-while loop
do while loop is similar to while loop with the only difference that it checks the condition after executing the statements, i.e it will execute the loop body one time for sure because it checks the condition after executing the statements.

Infinite Loops:

The loops in which the test condition does not evaluate false ever tend to execute statements forever until an external force is used to end it and thus they are known as infinite loops.

Nested Loops:

When loops are present inside the other loops, it is known as nested loops.

                                 Inheritance is an important pillar of OOP(Object Oriented Programming). It is the mechanism in C# by which one class is allowed to inherit the features(fields and methods) of another class.

Important terminology:

  • Super Class: The class whose features are inherited is known as super class(or a base class or a parent class).

  • Sub Class: The class that inherits the other class is known as subclass(or a derived class, extended class, or child class). The subclass can add its own fields and methods in addition to the superclass fields and methods.

  • Reusability: Inheritance supports the concept of “reusability”, i.e. when we want to create a new class and there is already a class that includes some of the code that we want, we can derive our new class from the existing class. By doing this, we are reusing the fields and methods of the existing class.


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