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Learn C# & Unity3D By Doing It
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In this mini course you will create a Book with pages that you can use in your own games and apps.

I will show you how to find and create assets for the game, (plus: you will also be able to download resource zip files).

I will also show you have to build assets in the unity and write scripts that make the objects work, and it is all put together in a FlipBook App.

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Interested In Building Assets In Unity 3D
  • Beginning To Intermediate Programming In C#
  • Anyone Interested in Learning Unity 3D
  • Anyone Interested in Problem Solving

Course content

8 sections27 lectures3h 14m total length
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Business Systems Engineer In Joplin, MO
Cindy Oakes
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My first computer was a Osborne, and I fell in love with computers and programming in the 80's.

I received my B.S. Degree in CIS in 1990 and have been working in the field every since.

I started programming in COBOL on a NCR VRX, then moved to a NCR ITX, and then down to a NCR UNIX, then on to Windows.

I have programmed professionally in COBOL, RPG II, Progress 4GL, C#, Visual Basic, Objective C, Swift, and Java.

I currently spend most of my time writting engineering software in C#.

NOTE:  My husband has a PHD in Computer Science and is on Phased Retirement from teaching Computer Science for about 40 years, and when he has problems with programming he comes to ME.