C Programming Step by Step - Complete Tutorial For Beginners
4.2 (1,986 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
11,938 students enrolled

C Programming Step by Step - Complete Tutorial For Beginners

C language tutorial from basics with C operator,loop,array,pointer,function,parameter,string,recursion,structure,file.
4.2 (1,986 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
11,938 students enrolled
Created by Shibaji Paul
Last updated 6/2020
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This course includes
  • 17.5 hours on-demand video
  • 2 articles
  • 2 downloadable resources
  • 14 coding exercises
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  • Assignments
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What you'll learn
  • if else statements, loop - while, for and do while loop with many examples.
  • Array - 1D and 2D, why we need them and how to use them effectively.
  • String in C - NULL terminated character arrays.
  • Writing function, parameter passing to function. Returning value from function.
  • storage class - auto, static, extern and register
  • Pointer - in depth understanding.
  • Relationship between arrays and pointers.
  • Array of pointers.
  • Command line arguments
  • Reading and writing with files, both text and binary.
  • Recursion - how it works, recursion vs iteration in depth discussion - Towers of Hanoi
  • Various string utilities - sprintf, strtok and many others
  • Function pointers
  • bitwise operators in C programming.
Course content
Expand all 153 lectures 17:19:31
+ Introduction and guidance to follow the course.
4 lectures 17:44
A note on screen resolution.
Course dash-board, Q/A section, basic guidance to follow the course.
How to do the coding exercises, please watch.
+ How to download, install and use compilers and various IDEs for C programming.
10 lectures 01:22:42
A brief note on IDE and Compiler

This video will guide you to download, install and use Xcode for your Mac OSX. Xcode is a powerful IDE and best choice for OSX users. It is available for free, also when you install Xcode you get the C, C++, swift and Objective-c compiler installed on your Mac as well.

Preview 06:21

In this video you will learn how to write your C program using a text editor like Sublime text and then how to compile and execute your program from the terminal of MacOS.

Compile using Mac terminal and write program on sublime text.
Using Visual Studio Code on MacOS for C program.

This lecture will show you how to use Codeblocks under Mac, if you are using Windows and willing to use Codeblocks just see the next lecture.

How to download and install Codeblocks for Mac

This video tutorial will demonstrate how you can download, install and use Code::Blocks IDE for your Windows operating system along with the MinGW compiler.

Preview 10:33
Compiling from Windows terminal using gcc
Using Visual Studio Code for Windows.

This lecture will walk you through the process of downloading and installing the Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition for your Windows machine, after that you will also experience how to create a C project and build and run that under this powerful IDE.

Preview 12:41

This tutorial shows how to use netbeans IDE for C projects. How one can create a project, how to compile and execute.

Using Netbeans in Mac
+ Fundamentals that you always need to know
19 lectures 01:51:12

In this tutorial you will understand each part of the program that prints "Hello, World!" into the console.

Understanding the first program.
Just print Hello World
1 question

In this video you will learn about variables, data types and how to declare variables.

Variables and data types in C programming.

This video will teach you how to print content of a variable into console using printf.

Printing content of variable using printf

In this video you will learn how to read data from keyboard and assign that into a variable using the scanf function.

Reading data from keyboard into variable using scanf.
Have you understood printf and scanf?
3 questions
Arithmetical Operators in C
Do some arithmetic work
1 question
Test your skill on printf and scanf
Console I/O and Variable declarations
1 question
Dealing with characters

Quiz to test your skill about characters and how they are represented.

Characters - Do you know them?
3 questions
Flushing problem while taking character input
Idea of casting
You learned about data type casting in the last lecture now try this program to check your knowledge.
Assignment to test your idea about data type casting.
1 question
The secret of printf
The secret of scanf
The most neglected operator - Assignment operator
Relational operators for comparing values
Can you take this challenge?
Introduction to Logical Operator, AND operation
Logical OR operation
Logical NOT operation
Unary increment and decrement operator
Short circuit feature of AND and OR operation

Test yourself, how strong you are on the very basic things like variable declarations, operators, initialisation.

How concrete is your foundations
11 questions
+ Branching, taking course of action on the basis of result of condition
8 lectures 51:56
"To be or not to be" - how to decide using if-else
Going further, the if-else-if structure
Simple test for if-else statement.
"Mood of Pupeta the funny creature" - Test your skill on if-else
1 question
Another programming example on if-else-if, this will help you more.
Are you sure you can answer this? Take a look.
Ops! Not done yet, here is some more information on if-else
Print remark according to the age.
1 question
Make it smart using conditional operator, the only ternary operator in C
Nested if-else, checking leap year.

Switch case statements can be suitable alternatives to if-elseif sometime. 

Understand switch-case

Quiz on if-else structure. You need to take decision firmly, always, are you sure?

Decision making, how bold you are?
5 questions
Practice if-else statement with this Assignment.
Practice if-else statement
1 question
+ Do it again and again until satisfied, technique for iteration.
9 lectures 55:40
Introduction to loop, while loop.
Quiz on While loop
2 questions
While loop - Programming Example 2
Find sum of all numbers which are divisible by 3 but not divisible by 5 up to a positive integer n.
1 question
Take a challenge on while loop, here is interesting "predict output" on while.
Test your understanding on while loop. You will develop a program that will print a menu and will ask the user to input menu option, then it will perform the task according to the menu option.
Assignment: While loop - 1
1 question
All about smart looking for loop
Watch the video and the have fun doing this assignment.
Pattern Printing
1 question
First do then check, do-while loop
How to break a loop early: use of 'break' keyword
The other loop utility: 'continue' keyword

There is a coding exercise, hi_low_dame.c, download the file and try that. I have written all the comments there. Just read the comments and follow the instructions.

Generating random numbers, the rand() function

To check how you have understood the concept of loops.

Quiz 3. Check how you can iterate.
4 questions
Implement your knowledge on loop and rand function
1 question
Guess the sum of values of two rolled dice. The rolling will be done by the computer.
A dice game
1 question
+ Array: the collection
6 lectures 43:17
Initialisation of one dimensional array
Allocating array dynamically, Example input output operations with array
A programming example using 1-D array
Try your acquired knowledge for accessing one dimensional array using loops. This simple assignment will help you to test your understanding with one dimensional array.
One dimensional array - first assignment.
1 question
This assignment will again your understanding with one dimensional array. You will try to represent a positive integer with one dimensional array in this assignment.
Second assignment on one dimensional array
1 question
Introduction to two dimensional array
2-D array programming example
In this assignment you will write a program that will print transpose of a Matrix, you will use 2 Dimensional array for the purpose.
Print transpose of a matrix.
1 question
You will use 2 dimension array to generate a magic square for odd dimension using a given algorithm. Find the attached PDF file for all details.
Generate Magic Square
1 question

The purpose of the quiz is to test your acquired knowledge on 1-D arrays.

Are you comfortable with 1-D arrays?
5 questions

In this quiz you will get questions on 2 dimensional arrays that will help you to judge your foundation on 2-D arrays, good luck!

Test your understanding with 2 Dimensional arrays.
5 questions
+ Way to store and manipulate string in C programming
5 lectures 31:22
Introduction to string, using character array for storing string
How to input string from keyboard
Finding the length of string
Searching and counting target in string
Library function for string operations, string.h
This assignment will require understanding of string, nested loops and arrays.
Find longest word in a string
1 question
A palindrome is a string that reads same both in forward and backward direction. Example: Madam, or "Cigar? Toss it in a can. It is so tragic." You will write a program to test if a given string is a palindrome or not.
Check if a string is a Palindrome or not.
1 question
count frequency of digits in a string.
1 question

This quiz will test your understanding on string or NULL terminated character arrays.

Quiz on string (NULL terminated character array)
6 questions
+ Modularise your program using function.
6 lectures 59:56
Introduction to function
Prototype or signature of function, declaring a function.
Write a simple function.
1 question
Quiz on Function preliminaries
3 questions
Create your own library, distribute functions to others.
Function example 1, a function to check prime number
Another example, a function to test Armstrong Number
Write a function to to check a character.
1 question
Develop a function to find the area of a rectangle.
1 question
Find sum of all prime numbers upto n.
1 question

Will test your understanding with function

Quiz on function
5 questions
+ Rock-Paper-Scissor game - a modularise approach
2 lectures 20:53

Let's write a program to simulate a simple Rock-Paper-Scissor game where one player would be the user and the other is the computer.

Rock-Paper-Scissor game - Part 1

Rock paper scissor game continues...

Rock-Paper-Scissor game - Part 2
+ Recursion, how to write recursive functions.
8 lectures 57:44
Introduction to recursion.
Introduction continues...
Recursion vs Iteration, the big debate, Concept of TAIL recursion.
The debate continues... when exactly iteration is preferable.
Still in debate... when recursion is preferable.
Tower of Hanoi, the classical example of recursion.
Implementation of Tower of Hanoi
Another example, Fibonacci term.

This quiz will help you to test your acquired knowledge on recursion. Good luck!

Test your knowledge on recursion.
5 questions
  • No prerequisites, course is for absolute beginners.

I have been teaching this course to the undergraduate engineering students for last 15 years in class room. This course is well designed and covered almost all the topics that one should know while learning C language. Will not only help the student to build a solid foundation on the topic but will boost their confidence to face technical interviews boldly.

The course contents are mostly video lectures. I would encourage absolute beginners to follow the lectures strictly in chronological manners, please start from the very first video and go to the next one only if you are done with the previous. However, though not recommended, but students with some previous knowledge could jump lectures if they are confident.

The course is structured basically for the new programmers who may not have any previous experience with any programming language. From the very basic to advanced topics. Simple program to complex one in step-by-step.

One should take this course to build a career as a programmer. Programming in C has been considered as foundation for any programming language. If one is confident with C, then can start learning any other language like PHP, C++ or Java.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is A-Z on C programming language, therefore, anyone can take this course, even absolute beginners in programming will face no problem doing this course
  • Any undergraduate student having C programming in curriculum
  • If you have previous experience in C programming or with any other programming language then this course is going to make your foundation more strong