GOLD FLOW - You must to invest in gold
4.0 (14 ratings)
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GOLD FLOW - You must to invest in gold

The best simple way to invest in physical gold
4.0 (14 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,227 students enrolled
Created by Shai Fedida
Last updated 5/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Physical gold is far more important than you think! Gold has served the people for tens of thousands of years.
  • In the course you will learn how to invest in physical gold. And what kind of gold to buy. How to know you're not buying fake gold. You will learn where to store it. Most importantly, you will learn the mind of the gold investor.
  • pen and notebook paper and open main the wailing to learn about gold

‏because I love my student I want

show them the best way

accumulate real wealth

whit physical gold.

Gold is the best way to accumulate wealth. ‏gold will outperform the stock market three times.

When the market will collapse Gold will save your financial life.

In this course, I will show you what kind of gold you need to buy,

1How to negotiate when you buy gold.

2Where to store your gold.

3 And the mindset of a gold investor.

If you want to Accumulate real wealth whit physical gold its important that you buy this curse for yourself.

You need this curse for yourself. Don't procrastinate. Buy this curse now.

Who this course is for:
  • beginner, and student, and people that want to learn about money
Course content
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+ Introduction
1 lecture 13:39

Why buy physical gold?

I want you to imagine a situation where the state tells you that you do not have access to your money or worse a situation where the state tells you that your money now belongs to the state because there is an emergency in your state! My question is what can you sell to buy food for your family?

(Physical Gold Hint)

Let go of the fact that all the money (paper / digital money) will disappear as if it did not exist. What are you doing now? How do you buy food at the supermarket?

In short, it is how you protect yourself once the global market collapses. Once the market collapses your shares were equal to exactly 0 round and your money would be confiscated by a country legally! Because the government will enact a law that allows it to do so, it is worth protecting the state itself!

If you do not want to find yourself in a situation where all the money you save in the bank for decades goes up as if it did not exist.

You must protect yourself and your family and buy physical gold !!!

Is my point clear enough? Do you think it never happened in history you are just wrong? Because of that the market collapse at least 6 times and the last time the market collapsed in 2008.

In 2008 people thought it was the end of the world and millions of people lost their savings and their homes That was because they had no money to pay the (Big Loan


the bank “gave” them.

Only the people who had physical gold and food that they had accumulated in vaccines. Only they went through the crisis well.

Not only was their gold not damaged. He doubled his value tenfold.

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+ What is physical gold
1 lecture 11:22

what is Physical gold?

Physical gold is a basically precious metal that has been used by people for money for decades.

The gold is a precious metal called the 74 atoms.

What's special about gold?

1 Gold is real money that always exceeds its value

2 Gold is the only substance on earth that keeps its condition. And it doesn't rust.

3 Gold Today it is an asset that exceeds its value. And it is also globally recognized, meaning that every country in the world knows how to identify gold.

4 Gold is a metal that knows how to market itself.

5 The gold will always exceed its value. And the state has no ability to print it so it is a limited resource

6 Gold has a buying ability which is very powerful. And so with gold, you can maintain your financial wealth and of course, increase it

7 In 1973 people used to buy entire buildings with the help of physical gold.

8 Gold is seen in humans as a wealth and prestige issue, (in the Olympics winning a gold medal)

9 Gold always exceeds its value, which means that the same day a gold coin is worth more money (paper money)

I want you to understand once you have a gold coin in your hand that is worth $ 1526 right to the spot. The next day it was worth $ 1660 and in a few years it was worth $ 1700 .. and a few more years $ 1800.

The exact same gold always exceeds its value.

I want you to understand that in 1971 a gold coin was worth $ 35. Today the same coin is worth $ 1526!

Now I want you to imagine that you have 1000 such coins. You start to understand my point.

Let's do a calculation of 1000 coins twice the gold price which is 1526 (as of the spot price) It comes out: 1526.000

I want you to understand you bought the same gold the same coin at 35 for the coin but today the same gold coin is worth 1526

You understand the power of gold !!

This is exactly why you want to buy gold. This is the only assets worth its value!

Gold is an asset. I love gold because combining 2 very strong areas it combines saving and investing together so I love gold! And, of course, it also always exceeds its value. Over time gold always wins! And history already proves that

Gold is a world champion in long-distance running.

What is physical gold
+ What kind of gold to buy
1 lecture 11:07

What kind of gold to buy?

Best at first is to buy physical gold in the form of squares called a bar.

This gold comes in different sizes and weights. The current physical gold is 100 grams of gold. And I also recommend buying gold in bars.

The more gold you buy, the lower the premium price you pay for the gold.

If you don't have a lot of paper money (dollars) to invest I recommend you buy gold coins. Gold coins also come in different sizes and different weights.

The most common coin is the coin weighing 31.1 grams and it is also called bullion.

I encourage you to focus on getting started with one coin. I encourage you to buy the Buffalo American or the Palermonica of Austria.

Every gold coin produced in the world has a government behind it just as the government is behind the paper money.

Note that when you invest in gold you can easily start to get involved. And try to buy more "special" rings and be tempted to buy special price coins. Note that if the seller sells you a currency below the spot price. It should be a red light for you. You have to understand why it sells cheap.

If he has a logical explanation. So it might be that you really got a good deal.

I recommend not to involve feelings in buying gold and not to be tempted to buy collectors or jewelry gold. (Especially without knowledge)

The Investor Begins I encourage you to stick to the 2 coins I recommend

1 - American gold buffalo

2 - Austrian philharmonic gold coin

What kind of gold to buy
+ i love gold
1 lecture 11:28

Why do I love physical gold?

1 The main reason I like physical gold is that physical gold always goes up in value which means that every year the price of gold goes up

In addition, physical gold always retains its purchasing power.

2 Physical gold is a very liquid asset. I can always sell it in financial danger.

3 If I do not have access to money in the bank because my bank is on strike or the local economy has collapsed. I can always sell my gold and get more paper money (dollars)

4 Physical gold is always important during a crisis and gives me greater purchasing power

5 Physical gold is as simple as creating art is very beautiful and fun to look at.

6 Physical gold is an asset that you can keep for generations and you can also pass it on to your children one day.

7 It gives you a sense of security. And he always exceeds his value

It is easy to store and does not need much space. (Unlike silver coins)

9 Physical gold is a very interesting subject that you can always learn more about. And you can also trade collectors' coins because then you can make a profit for him only on the price of the gold itself and those on its collectors' value.

10 Physical Gold Helps You Maximize Your Savings Because when you buy physical gold you have very little money left to spend on unnecessary consumer goods or services

Why i love gold
+ I have some money. where to invest it?
1 lecture 07:27
I have some money. where to invest it?
+ Gold mindset of investor
3 lectures 34:36
Gold mindset of investor