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From Search to Success: Learn how to find a business to buy, value it, make an offer, and BUY it
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Determine what you're looking for in a business
Get financing for your deal
Find deals on the internet
Value a small business
Meet the seller/broker
Perform Due Diligence


  • No business experience or formal business education required
  • This course is intended for the first time business buyer


Buying and growing a small business is an untapped opportunity in the United States right now. An unprecedented amount of wealth in the form of 2.3 million small businesses is about to change hands from the Baby Boomer generation to the Millennials and Gen Z. Knowing how to effectively find and buy these businesses is a skill that can almost guarantee financial freedom, fulfillment in your career, and impact in your community.

After buying and selling my own business, I have guided dozens of people through the acquisition process. This course is a distillation of the key steps involved in buying a business.

Smart Acquisitions takes you through the business buying process including the following stages:

  • Develop your Acquisition Vision: determine the business you want to buy through a series of exercises that forces you to think about where you want to be, how much you want to make, the kind of lifestyle you want, and more

  • The Search: use a variety of tools to find the business that meets your criteria

  • Valuing a Small Business: learn how to value a small business using the most common valuation method

  • Meet the Seller: learn what to expect when you meet the seller

  • Due Diligence: download the Due Diligence checklist and gain an understanding of what you should be looking at during the due diligence phase

  • Submitting an offer: submit an offer the seller can't refuse, negotiate for better terms, and review legal documents necessary for the transaction

Business acquisition is the greatest path I know of to independence, financial freedom, and a meaningful career.

Who this course is for:

  • Ambitious people who want to learn to buy a business in the United States
  • Entrepreneurial people looking to replace their jobs through business ownership


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Ross Zeiger
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I've been instructing students on Udemy since 2017. After I got out of the US Marine Corps, I bought a business, ran it for a year, and sold it. Since that experienced, I've been hooked. I love adding small businesses to my portfolio. I guide people through the business buying journey from Search to Close. Buying businesses and teaching people how to buy businesses is my passion!

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