Business Mathematic for Beginner

Basic Algebra, Functions, Matrix, Calculus
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Apply basic algebra to solve business and economics problems.
Apply linear, quadratic, exponential, and logarithmic functions to solve business and economics problems.
Apply matrix to solve business and economics problems
Apply calculus to solve business and economics problems.


  • have basic mathematic knowledge


Business mathematics courses learn about the application of basic mathematics to analyze and solve the problems that exist in microeconomics, especially problems faced by a business.  A good microeconomic condition will support a country's economic growth. The basic mathematics studied consists of algebra, functions, matrix, differentiation, integration and multivariable calculus

Who this course is for:

  • student who want to learn business mathematic

Course content

4 sections11 lectures43m total length
  • Overview
  • Real Numbers and Algebra


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Lecturer at BINUS University, Business Management (Online Learning)

Business Management (Online Learning) program teaches basic knowledge of economic and management areas such as Micro and Macroeconomics, Marketing, Global Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, and Operations. This curriculum provides opportunity and develop student’s analytical skill with knowledge include Retail and Merchandising, International Business, E- Corporate, Entrepreneurship and Managing Innovation. Business Management program prepares students for a career in the business world and become an entrepreneur with managerial thinking.

Group of knowledge of the fundamentals of economics and quantitative business

The subjects taught are:

1. Macroeconomics

2. Microeconomics

3. Managerial Economics

4. Business Mathematics

5. Business Statistics