Business Development for Entrepreneurs and Creative Thinkers
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Business Development for Entrepreneurs and Creative Thinkers

The secrets and the formula for why people attract clients, retain clients and receive referrals.
3.9 (5 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
47 students enrolled
Created by Phyllis King
Last updated 10/2013
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What you'll learn
  • Determine your aptitude for Business, and the areas where you need reinforcement
  • Share specific approaches and mindset that will produce your desired outcomes
  • You will learn:
  • how to generate new business, referrals and return clients
  • how to enjoy yourself
  • how to be a magnet for new clients
  • how identify your perfect client
  • how to grow your business
  • No requirements. An open mind.

There is a reason and a formula for why people attract clients, retain clients and receive referrals. Only a small portion of those reasons and that formula have anything to do with the "numbers" game of sales and outreach. The information in this course is something you will not hear in sales training course. In this program you will learn the real secrets to attracting, retaining and getting client referrals . It is an energy game, and everything about who you are in the business development process and in the world. In this course you will learn how to magnetize clients into your business. You will understand why clients stay, and why they refer others to you. You will learn how to master that magnetism. You will learn all the secrets that those who are successful in Business Development already know and use.

Additionally In this course you will learn tried and true strategies that cultivate success business development. You will develop a perspective and a process that inspires people to want to work with you. You will learn how strong your aptitude is for this type of role, and how to make adjustments for your vulnerable areas. You will learn how to create balance so that your business will empower you to be not only the best in your business but the best you in your life.

You will learn the "W's" of business development, mind, body spirit integration, and how that translates to a great income and a great life.

This is the last course you will ever need to expand your business and your income. If you consume the principles in this course, you will be a star in your own life and in your business.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in improving themselves and expanding their business
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+ The Power Principles
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Business Development can be one of the most exciting and stimulating fields to work in. It offers multiple dimensions and possibilities for satisfaction in our career. As we become efficient and skilled in this arena, we begin to thrive on multiple levels.

1. We expand and grow personally and professionally from the rewarding relationships we build.

2. We build confidence from the process of executing tasks with excellence and ease.

3. We enjoy an abundant income that will support our chosen lifestyle.

Lastly, we cultivate a sense of meaning in our lives when we contribute to our organization. We feel a profound connection to our community.

In this course you will be exposed to all the dimensions that create a fulfilling and thriving career in Business Development.

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When you listen to most motivational speakers you will hear a resounding theme. That theme is this:

To be successful in life you must love what you do so that you can be passionate about what you do and stay committed. Further, passion itself is contagious. When you love what you do, people want to interact with you. They want what you have.

If you want dramatic and powerful results in your life, you have to be passionate about your day, your process and your life. When we love something we are doing it doesn't feel like work. We can't wait to get to our project, and fulfill our next step.

What does this look like to live in Business Development? Let's break it down, and start with the Mind:

Personality: You are very likely a social person, or you have an element to your personality that is social, and you can call on it when you need it. You enjoy interacting with others, and learning about them. Let's begin at the beginning with Business Development 101. It's not just about what you can "get" from your potential client, but what you can give to them. It is truly what you or your organization has to offer that will bring benefit or meaning to their situation. You are empathetic. You are a good listener. You enjoy being responsive, and meeting people's needs.

Mind: You likely have a quick mind. Or, you have a mind that likes puzzles. You like to solve mysteries, and resolve situations. In Business Development each person, each situation is like a puzzle. It is your job to figure out how to solve it so that both parties win.

Body: You don't have to look like Bradley Cooper or Angelina Jolie to be successful in Business Development. You do have to reflect to the world that you care about yourself. You want to reflect an image that says I am proud of myself and I take time to reflect that to the world. This means you know what clothes look good on you. You have impeccable grooming. You smell nice. You wear a warm welcoming smile. You wear it because you are these things, warm and welcoming.

Spirit: You have the "it" factor. When you knock at the door people can't wait to let you in. Why? You come bearing a spirit of cooperation, generosity and integrity. You are the whole package. Whenever you show up, good things happen, even if its just a smile, or a "great to see you." You are positivity in action where ever you are.

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+ Action Steps
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The 5 W's of Business Development

The journey begins. Most often when we sign or close a deal, earn a commission, receive a check or an outcome has been reached we feel that is the pinnacle of success. In reality the most exciting part of the process is the one we are going to discuss in this section. It is the process of getting to the outcome. I call this process the 5 W's of Business Development. This is where we not only identify our potential targets, and ground process for success, but we breakdown what parts of Business Development, excluding the outcome that really get us excited. When we have that information, we can remain passionate and take our passion anywhere.

When beginning your process of outreach and client cultivation there are simply basic questions we need to ask ourselves to keep on track, stay grounded and focused. If we do these things and ask ourselves these questions, people will receive us much better in the world than if we do not.

Let's begin:

1. Who - are you going to target?

This is the most important question of all. Who is your audience and why? Why are you a match?

2. What - do you want to sell/offer them? What are the benefits to them?

Beyond our product or service, we have to explain to our client the intangible benefits as well as the tangible benefits.

3. Where - are they located?

Geography is important. Do you have the resources and infrastructure to go global, or is local your niche. Make sure you service your clients.

4. When - will you approach them?

This is an ongoing question. Yes, we need to make our initial introduction. We need to cultivate an ongoing relationship. What does that look like? How do we do that? We have to learn about our client, and what they need, and what causes them to respond to us. Then we can plan our when(s) of how to approach them.

5. Why - would they want to meet with you?

Beyond your service or your product, why would someone want to meet with you? This is a question you want to ask yourself, and keep asking yourself. Cultivating a client relationship is more than being able to sell your product or service. How can you connect to that person on an intangible level.

BONUS #6 - How will you meet them? How will you present yourself? How will you connect?

Perhaps its persistence, perhaps its through a friend, perhaps it's through a great letter you write to introduce yourself. How is where you access your creative inspiration. Live there!!

The 5 W's of Business Development
Handling Conflict
+ Personal Inventory
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When you live a life of Business Development it is ongoing. Your journey, so to speak, never ends. Even once you have signed the deal, the client or the contract, your mind will have to begin wrap itself around your next adventure/target as soon as you have space in your mind to take it on. This means you must intentionally shut down when you want or need a break. It is very important to remember this rule. If you do not make space to relax, to separate from work, or disengage to replenish yourself, you can be a victim of burnout, fatigue, and start to think you don't like your job.

1. Learn to listen to the signs your body gives you. When you are fatigued, rest. When you are stressed out, engage in activities that relieve your stress. Make sure you are enjoying yourself.

2. Take time to celebrate achievements. Don't just move on to the next target.

3. Money can be addictive. We can become addicted to the game of making money. Money is wonderful, but it is not a substitute for down time, well being, or happy lifestyle. Don't make the mistake of thinking these are interchangeable.

4. Continue your Education. If you come to a point in your career where you feel you have "been there" "done that." Seek out some new information. Don't allow the status quo to dominate your perspective. Find something new to learn. Expand yourself. Bring that new information to your career. Fall in love with the process all over again, from a new perspective.

5. Annually, or when necessary re-evaluate your purpose in your life and in your current career space. We are all creatures of habit. If we don't check in with ourselves and our goals we may find ourselves in a place of discontent.

Business Development can be exciting, rewarding, stimulating and exhausting work. Make room to answer the exhaustion. Make room to celebrate the successes before you move on. Don't forget to enjoy your life, while you enjoy your job.

Maintaining Balance, Motivation and Passion