Business Communication (Indonesian Version)

PAIBOC approach, Business Communication, define basic concepts of communication, communication process
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using strategic communication model to identify objectives, analyze audiences, choose information, and create the most effective arrangement and channel for various types of messages
will understand the building blocks of effective business communication, both written and oral communication
understand the importance of creating goodwill in various kind of business messages; and will be able to apply its strategy
apply strategies on effective and productive interpersonal business communication
Student will be able to apply strategies in making résumé and job application letter; and will be able to apply strategies for negotiation


  • You should be able to use a Computer or Laptop
  • You shoud be able to use document software (Ms Word, Adobe Reader)
  • You should be able to use presentation software (Ms Powerpoint)


The course comprises theories and practices of written, oral, and interpersonal communication used in the workplace with the emphasis on concise, clear, and effective business correspondences. Student will be exposed to the use of strategic communication model to identify objectives, analyze audiences, choose information, and create the most effective arrangement and channel for various types of messages. At the end of this course, you will be able to understand and explain purpose of learning and their learning activities in Business Communication class, define basic concepts of communication and communication process, understand the purpose of business communication in organization and apply strategies for effective business communication utilizing You-Attitude concept, identify constraints and challenges in business communication and apply positive emphasis and reader benefits, and define apply strategies to achieve effective cross-cultural communication.

Please note that the language used in this course is Indonesian. We are working to translate it into English.

Who this course is for:

  • Student who want to learn Business Communication

Course content

4 sections • 11 lectures • 1h 6m total length
  • Overview Business Communication
  • Basic Concepts of Communication
  • Business Communication in Organization and You-Attitude
  • Building Blocks for Effective Business Communication
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