Business Analytics with Big Data : A Complete Guide
3.5 (155 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
834 students enrolled

Business Analytics with Big Data : A Complete Guide

Career of the future
3.5 (155 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
834 students enrolled
Last updated 5/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Regardless of your industry or profession, student will walk away from this course confident in the ability to: understand exactly what kind of data businesses are dealing with; conduct preliminary analysis; and design interventions using that analysis that are intended to change behavior.
  • Understand about Big Data, Social Analytics.
  • Understand about various types of analytics.
  • Understand the significance of Analytics in Business perspective.
  • No technical knowledge is required. The student should be having brief knowledge of Business and business terminology.

This course is all about Business Analytics which gives exposure to various types of Business analytics, types of data, data sources, understanding of Big data and Big data analytics and Social Media as well as Social Media Analytics. 

While going through this course student often find Business terminologies, several technical aspects, Big Data as well as Social Media related details.

This course contains 8 Sections covering various topics with 35 video lectures and several quiz sections for testing your knowledge. Curriculum is systematically arranged in such a way that student will feel the flow of the subject making understanding easy.

Entire course is close to 3 hours of engaging lectures. Every video has graphical representation which keeps students engaged to the topic.

Course is structured in a flawless manner. Starts with a brief about course provider. That followed by reasons why student should take this course. Post explaining this new section starts with Introduction, significance of Business Analytics to Business, Data and understanding of Data, Big data concepts and details about Social media analytics.

One has to take this course as huge volume of Data brings endless opportunities with it . Data is an asset with enormous Insights hidden within it . To bring value out of Data and to transform it to Information and knowledge we need to understand Business and Data analytics along with tools associated with it. 

According to a 2015 MIT Sloan Management Review, 40 percent of the companies surveyed were struggling to find and retain the  analytics talent.  And the picture is starting to look even bleaker.

International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts a need by 2018 for 181,000 people with deep analytical skills in the United States alone and a requirement five times that number for jobs with the need for data management and interpretation skills.

Regardless of your industry or profession, you’ll walk away from this course confident in your ability to: understand exactly what is Business Analytics, what kind of data you are dealing with in your role; what are the benefits how can you convert the data into knowledge for informed decision making within a Business.

This course prepares you for the career of tomorrow!

Who this course is for:
  • Specific roles that would benefit include, but are not limited to: Analysts and Analytics Managers; Consultants; Software Engineers, Developers and Programmers; Enterprise Architects and other systems specialists; Directors with data-intensive portfolios and CEOs, especially those in the IT industry; Data Scientists and Engineers looking to transition into such a role; and Researchers and Project Managers who work with large data sets.
  • This may not not be a right course for expert data analysts who are already into this profession.
Course content
Expand all 37 lectures 02:41:48
+ Know about course provider
2 lectures 01:17

This video talks about course provider and areas of expertise.

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About Instructor Qualification

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+ Why Business Analytics - Why you should take this course?
1 lecture 03:40

What is the future of Business analytics? What development in the world support your decision?

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+ Introduction to Business Analytics
7 lectures 30:54

Know about things we are going to learn in this section.

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Why Business Analytics has so much importance? Let us have an overview.

Overview of Business Analytics

Business Analytics can be applied in varied businesses for informed decision-making. It can be extensively used in market analysis, consumer behaviour, social network, financial data analysis, crime detection departments, medical sciences, network and cyber security, retail and supply chains and many more areas. This lecture explains all about applications of Business Analytics.

Application of Business Analytics

The term ‘analytics’ in Business Analytics provides insights into obtaining, describing, visualising and using data for making right decisions and combating uncertainties. BA can be used for speeding up the decision-making process, reducing the margin of errors and gaining control over business processes. In the lecutre we will understand the benefits of Business Analytics.

Benefits of Business Analytics

During the 19th century, Frederick Winslow Taylor , known as the father of scientific management, initiated time management exercises to improve business efficiency. BA has been used since then in businesses for effective and measured decision-making. However, analytics became more prevalent when Decision Support Systems (DSS) were used for making decisions. BA evolved with the advancement of hardware and software tools and applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and data warehouses. In the lecture we will understand how BA has evolved over the period of time.

Evolution of Business Analytics

Business Analytics has evolved. There are many phases audience must be aware of. This lectire discussed on those phases in detail.

Phases of Business Analytics

Within Business Analytics there are manu types catering various requirements of the organization to make informed decisions. This lecture deals with all of them.

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Check your knowledge : Introduction to Business Analytics
3 questions
+ Business Analytics for Business
6 lectures 29:04

What you learn in this section and what is the key take away at the end of this course?

What you learn in this section?

Business Analytics has become an important component required for the overall success of most modern businesses. Organisations cutting across varied business domains are realising the increasing benefits from analytics. This lecture provides an view on how it is benefiting business with practical examples.

Scope of Business Analytics

To avoid data to remain just a document of facts, the accuracy of data matter as lot of informed decisions in the organizations will be taken based on that. This lecture deals with all about importance of data.

Importance of Data

wWth vast repositories and databases, it may be an overwhelming task to dig out and make effective use of the available data. Unlocking the insights with the help of IT solutions in the key. This lecture talks about the same.

Unlocking Insights with Analytics solution

This lecture critically analyses the advantage of Business Analytics with practical use cases from real world.

How Business gains from Business Analytics?

Adopting a Business Analytics solution? Implementing a Business Analytics solution? - there needs certain important necessary paramters in the solution. This lecture talks about it.

Adoption of Analytics solution
Check your knowledge : Business Analytics for Business
4 questions
+ Understand Data
5 lectures 30:20

This lecture briefly gives agenda for this section and about take away at the end of this section.

What you learn in this section

This lecture talks about how Data transforms into infrmation and finally into knowledge. It also staes stages data goes through before it becomes information.

Introduction to Data

Data quality in any organization has key influence in Insights and informed decision making. Lecture throws light on reasons behind poor data quality, source of data quality problems. Lecture also discussed benefits of high quality data. 

Data Quality

Data quality is an important activity and Data cleaning is a pre requisite. This lecture talk about steps of data cleaning

Data Cleaning

The term “maturity” describes the degree of formality and optimisation of a competency. Lecture talks in detail on stages of data maturity and details associated with it.

Relation of data to Business Analytics, Data Maturity
Check your knowledge : Understand Data
3 questions
+ Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Mining
4 lectures 10:31

Lecture talks about the agenda of this section and key take away from various lectures. 

What you learn in this section?

 Business analytics refers to the techniques and statistical methods used by companies to evaluate their performance while business intelligence refers to the use of computing technologies for identifying useful business data. This lecture details out differences between two.

Business Analytics and Business Intelligence : Differences

Data mining refers to the identification and discovery of useful relationships in data. This lecture talks about process of Data mining and types of Data mining

Data Mining

Data Mining has several benefits to Business and society. This lecture talks about details of benefits with certain examples.

Benefits of Data Mining
Test your knowledge : Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data mining
3 questions
+ Understand Big Data and Big Date Analytics
6 lectures 31:25

You will come to know what you are going to learn in this section.

What you learn in this section?

This lecture talks about the history of Big Data and examines in detail the charecterisitcs of Big Data. Very important in understanding what is Big Data.

Introduction to Big Data

What are the driving factors of huge information growth? What are the causes - lecture explains in detail.

Cause of exponential Data growth

Data Growth has many primary reasons. This needs to be understood and monitored as well as tracked. This lecture talks about it.

Data Growth Trends

Big Dats offers tremendous opportunities to the enterprise to extract deeper Insights. However, it suffers certain challenges too. This lecture details both sides in a detailed way.

Big Data : Opportunities and Challenges

This lecture details out Significance of BigData analytics in the Business perspective. You will learn how this has an influence in making informed decisions in day to day operations and how that will make an impact on company's bottomline,

Significance of Big Data Analytics
Test your knowledge : Understand Big Data
3 questions
+ Social Media Analytics
6 lectures 24:37

Social Media Analytics is a Very intersting subject. In this lecture we are going to see what we are going to learn in this section.

Preview 02:04

This lecture introduces you to social media analytics. It talks about various social media prominently used by Business to take full advantage and explains about the growth of social media. 

Introduction to Social Media Analytics

Lecture talks about the need of social media Analytics in the present world. Systematic approach is made to understand this.

Need of Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics has become the mainstay of today’s marketing mix and the main source of information for analysts. Lecture talks about goals of having social media anlytics.

Identifying Goals of Social Media Analytics

Social media has proved to be a game changer for most organisations who have leveraged this tool to reach out to existing and potential customers. Let us see how it has played a role of game changer in this lecture.

Influence of Social Media on Businesses

Social media analysis must focus on organisational goals and devise methods to accomplish them effectively. To achieve this entire deployment of Social Media analytics must follow a process. This lecture discusses the same.

Social Media Analytics process
Test your knowledge : Social Media Analytics
3 questions