Bulletproof: A Guide to Catholic Apologetics (Lite)

Learning the foundations of the Catholic Faith
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Learn the foundations of the Catholic Faith. Learn Bible Scripture that reinforces our beliefs and traditions. Learn to defend your faith against outsiders who want to point out Bible Scripture that shows faults in the Catholic Faith. Become a "Rock" in your faith!


  • Very basic Bible knowledge is needed such as Old Testament and New Testament. Who Jesus was and the overall story.


This course is designed for people of the Catholic Faith who would like a better understanding surrounding the beliefs and it's traditions.  There is so much more to know about Catholism than what is gained by attending weekly Mass.  Most Catholics can tell you what they believe but cant tell you why.  This course will provide the answers to most questions using the Bible.  We will first discuss Christianity and its beginnings.  Then follow with the history of the Bible.  After that, this course will take a deep dive into the Biblical Scripture that supports Catholic teachings.  With over two hours of lectures, students will gain a solid foundation in their beliefs. A foundation thats necessary when defending their faith against those who are trying to find faults.

Who this course is for:

  • Catholics who don't fully understand their faith and its foundations. Catholics who want to further solidify their beliefs


Robert Graham
Bob Graham
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I was born and raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools.  I thought I knew my faith well.  Nine years ago, I worked with someone who constantly wanted to talk about my faith.  They were Protestant and I was Catholic.  He seem to know more about my own faith than me.  It left me confused,  Thats when I started studying Catholic Apologetics.  I became for passionate about finding all the answers.  My faith grew tremendously in knowing the answers and standing on solid ground,  Soon my coworker didn't want to talk about religion anymore because I was well-protected.  I became a Defender of the Faith!


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