Building Interactive Dashboards with Microsoft Power BI
4.2 (12 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
80 students enrolled

Building Interactive Dashboards with Microsoft Power BI

Build creative dashboards to visualize and analyze data to get accurate business insights
4.2 (12 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
80 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Make interesting and creative visualizations based on your data with Power BI
  • Build powerful, structured reports and KPIs with Power BI
  • Explore detailed investigation history, trends, time series, and heat map charts with the analytical dashboard
  • Build several custom and geographic visuals to study the market with a strategic dashboard
  • Publish your dashboard to the web to have powerful, tile-based, data fusion, and tailor-made data for the effective executive
  • Get introduced to a narrative-oriented custom visual, Power BI's navigation capabilities, and a powerful storytelling feature
  • Get a detailed walkthrough of Power BI's flexible formatting features
Course content
Expand all 30 lectures 02:24:28
+ Power BI Kick Start
5 lectures 21:28

This video will give you an overview about the course.

   •  Introduce the author

   •  Describe the course workflow

   •  Explain prerequisites

Preview 03:27

This video talks about the Power BI workflow.

   •  Explain the Power BI workflow from visualizations through reports to dashboards

   •  Show examples of reports and dashboards

   •  Differentiate Power BI desktop from Power BI service

The Visualization Palette, Reports, and Dashboards

This video walks you through creating a basic report in Power BI.

   •  Introduce the sample data and how to choose from the basic visualization types

   •  Walk through creating bar and line charts

   •  Walk through creating a map and time series

Link Them Up – Enabling Visual Interactions

This video talks about visualization and calculating KPIs in Power BI.

   •  Explain KPI concepts

   •  Introduce the KPI visuals

   •  Create custom metrics with DAX and quick measures

Key to Performance – Calculating Your KPIs

This video talks about using legends and creating custom tooltips.

   •  Create a legend and link it across charts

   •  Create a custom column, using DAX, to display in a tooltip

   •  Bind the custom column to a chart’s tooltip

Helpful Hints – Adding Tooltips and Legends
+ Analytical Dashboards
5 lectures 27:39

This video provides an overview of the section.

   •  Introduce analytical dashboards as a concept

   •  Describe the visuals we’ll be exploring

   •  Show the completed example report running in Power BI

Preview 02:50

This video will teach us how we can analyze time series data in Power BI.

   •  Use a waterfall chart to explore drill-down

   •  Use an Area chart to try out analytics

   •  Use a ribbon chart to visualize rank changes over time

Time Matters – Time Series Chart

This video will help us understand what tools analysts can use to compare hot spots, over time and geography.

   •  Introduce the heat streams and heat map visuals

   •  Introduce the marketplace and create a heat streams visual

   •  Create a heat map visual to find geographic hot spots

Some Like It Hot – Heat Map Charts

How can analysts slice and dice their data? How do what-if questions work in BI? In this video, you will learn about slicers and parameters to filter.

   •  Build three slicers

   •  Create a parameter and associated parameterized metric

   •  Create a what-if tax scenario using the parameter

What-if – Using Parameters and Slicers to Filter and Explore

Through this video, you will learn how analysts can get at the raw data.

   •  Introduce show data and export data in desktop

   •  Introduce export to excel in dashboards

   •  Demonstrate the enhanced features of export data in Power BI service

Detail Oriented – Exporting Data from Visuals
+ Tactical Dashboards
5 lectures 27:59

This video provides an overview of the section.

   •  Introduce tactical dashboards as a concept

   •  Describe the visuals we’ll be exploring

   •  Show the completed example report running in Power BI

Preview 03:59

In this video, we will learn how we can simply visualize distributions Power BI.

   •  Introduce dot plot charts

   •  Use a dot plot chart to get an overview of our cart stages

   •  Use dot plot by MAQ software to explore two dimensions of the data

Point of Reference – Creating a Dot Plot

In this video, we will learn how we can get more insight into our distributions.

   •  Introduce box and whisker plots

   •  Create a box plot visual grouped by stage and sort it

   •  Create a box plot video grouped by source and compare to bar charts

Statistics Never Lie – Box and Whisker Plots

How can we identify where on the internet our customers are coming from?

   •  Introduce funnel charts

   •  Create a regular funnel chart to show progress through the stages

   •  Create a funnel with source by MAQ software to break down leads

Big Spenders – Building a Funnel Chart

In this video we will learn how to find out where in the world our customers are.

   •  Use a map visual to break down by location and gender

   •  Use a filled map visual to break down and filter by country

   •  Use ArcGIS maps for Power BI to create a geographical drill-down

Where It Is – Geographical Map Charts
+ Strategic Dashboards
5 lectures 24:48

This video provides an overview of the section.

   •  Introduce strategic dashboards as a concept

   •  Describe the visuals we’ll be exploring

   •  Show the completed example dashboard running in Power BI service

Preview 03:29

How can we calculate and visualize period-over-period changes in Power BI?

   •  Introduce period-over-period concepts

   •  Use merge queries, a calculated column, and quick measures to calculate period-over-period changes

   •  Visualize period-over-period changes in KPI and clustered column chart visuals

Are We There Yet? – Calculating Period-over-Period Changes

What’s the best way to evaluate a metric against a target?

   •  Introduce bullet graphs and the bullet chart

   •  Create a bullet chart using a custom visual

   •  Color the bullet chart to match the design specification

On Target – Visualizing Comparisons with Bullet Charts

How do we mash up visuals into strategic-level dashboards?

   •  Upload three dashboards to the Power BI service

   •  Pin several visuals to a new dashboard

   •  Arrange the dashboard to fit on a single screen

Mash It Up – Pinning Visuals to Dashboards

How can we add titles, images, and external links to a dashboard?

   •  Add two image tiles to our strategic dashboard

   •  Apply drill-down links to the image tiles

   •  Add a text box tile to the dashboard, containing external links

Make It Pop – Adding Media Tiles to a Dashboard
+ Data Stories with Dashboards
5 lectures 21:33

This video provides an overview of the section.

   •  Introduce data stories as a concept

   •  Describe the visuals we’ll be exploring

   •  Show the completed example report and dashboard running in Power BI

Preview 03:06

How can we build a customer browser?

   •  Introduce the card browser custom visual

   •  Demonstrate a couple of ways to use the card browser custom visual

   •  Introduce the facet key custom visual

Meet the Players – Presenting Data with the Card Browser Custom Visual

How can we drilldown from one dashboard to another, and back?

   •  Introduce drillthrough

   •  Set up drillthrough

   •  Set up a custom back button

Space Travel – Linking Together Dashboards with Actions

How do we create a presentation out of our data?

   •  Introduce bookmarks

   •  Use bookmarks to present a customer profile process

   •  Create a button to expose a bookmark on a report page

Time Travel – Telling a Story with Bookmarks

How can we add external links to a report and dashboard?

   •  Add URL links to our customer data

   •  Bind URLs to the card browsers

   •  Expose the card browser links on a dashboard and add a web content tile with an embedded link

Click for More – Embedded Links and Hyperlink Dashboard Tiles
+ Formatting Dashboards and Data
5 lectures 21:01

This video provides an overview of the section.

   •  Define formatting

   •  Discuss best practices for labels and high level design.

   •  Give tips for using color and fonts

Formatting Concepts and Best Practices

How can we change a report’s color scheme?

   •  Explore Power BI themes

   •  Demonstrate how to manually set colors for a report and its visuals

   •  Use the format painter to share formatting among visuals

Formatting Visuals and Reports

How can we tidy up labels and numeric values?

   •  Explore how renaming fields affects the visual’s title

   •  Suggest when to turn off titles altogether

   •  Demonstrate how to set up currency formatting in the data pane

Creating Relevant Labels and Effective Number Formats

How can we improve the formatting of a dashboard on web and mobile?

   •  Explore dashboard themes

   •  Introduce phone view

   •  Optimize our strategic dashboard’s phone view to keep essential visuals above the fold

Formatting Dashboards

This video wraps up the course.

   •  Review the Power BI workflow and offer a writing analogy

   •  Review design best practices

   •  Suggest checking out more videos

Course Conclusion
  • This course is for developers, engineers, analytics, and BI professionals who have some knowledge of Power BI and want to learn to create dashboards and more.

Do you get confused when you analyze data from various sources? If yes,  then this course will be your perfect guide and companion to analyze any  data with ease.

This course provides an introduction to Power BI's  powerful dashboard design features and how you can use it to the  advantage of your organization. You'll begin the course by building a  simple, functional interactive dashboard. You'll present linked charts  and KPIs. You'll develop dashboard examples suitable for publishing to  analysts through managers and executives. At times, you need to walk  users through the data so we introduce some storytelling features of  Power BI. Finally, we'll wrap up with some tips to style your dashboards  for publishing.

At the end of this course, you’ll explore real-world  examples, get started with Microsoft Power BI, and become comfortable  with it so you can delve deeper. 

About The Author

Peter MacMurchy has been a professional software developer for over 15  years, focusing on UX, UI, and interactive data visualization tools. He  acquired a keen interest in information visualization from coursework  while studying Computer Graphics for his M.Sc. in Computer Science at  the University of Calgary. Since then, he's continued to develop  visualization and interactive software for finance, film, energy, and  other industries. At Uncharted, Peter helps clients improve their data  visualization capabilities on a consulting basis. 

Who this course is for:
  • It’s also ideal for professionals who want to create customized visuals with the Power BI Developer tools.