Building a Women's Circle.

Exploring the experience, the value, the process of creating and maintaining a Women's Circle.
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By the end of this course you will know the power of being a part of a circle of women.
We will explore what it takes to begin a circle.
We will explore what it takes to maintain a circle.
We will explore what may be needed to heal a circle.
We will explore how to let one go, if needed, or perhaps allow it's shape shift into something new.
Avenues to access a circle if there are few if any women in your world.


  • Only an open mind needed.


When a woman lives her life with a circle of women to return to each cycle, be it weekly or monthly, there is a core sense of wellness, built over time, that is profound. To enter a women's circle is to shed the armour, take off the masks, be truly seen, heard and held, as a practice. This precious life, deeply lived. How do we get there?

Soaked in a culture that is far more invested in us ripping each other apart than holding each other sacred, how do we find other women safe enough? How do we become safe enough to share circle?

This Free course is an introduction to my work, to me. I hope you can find the time and space to take this seriously, as an emotional wellness practice as important as going to the gym, or eating healthy. Building your very own circle, that tends you, that you tend for your inner garden within.

Please, join me, and bring your women friends with you for the best experience of this work! By the end of it, you will have a whole lot of tools to build what ever shaped circle you, as a group of self honouring women, wish to build!

Who this course is for:

  • Women, of any age. Men are welcome to use this work, and shift it where you feel it can be. In the core, we all need a safe space to share who we are.


Creatrix At Living Gently
Katherine Cunningham
  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
  • 530 Reviews
  • 13,989 Students
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I have been  stalking the core purpose of the menstrual experience, the why and the how to  use this force for good not evil, since 1995. Exploring harnessing the fertile  force so that any woman can learn to be deeply with her innate power. I have  learnt to hold gently the core strength that will see you safely through a  threshold of profound change. I consider myself an activist, an educator, a  writer, a mother and a lover of life and ALL the juicy in it.

For me Education is a power-filled place that has many different formats. To deliver digitally what I have been delivering face to face for the last 25 years, is a challenge that I feel up for. To take those delicious nuggets of real understanding and open up your own wisdom is my intent... In a whole lot of ways I am not telling you anything you don't "know" in some way already... Perhaps by bringing your attention to this content you can embrace this knowing openly.

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