Building a Team That Sees Your Vision

Best practices in building your next team and a formula to help you share your vision to the fullest
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How COVID has not changed teams and visioning
What’s the difference between a group and a team
Understanding the Team Development Wheel
Learning the New Vision formula
Building your Case for a New Vision
Creating and learning how to share your compelling vision
Understanding what and who the Resistance is to your vision


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High performance teams have statistically been 30% more productive than individual or poor performing teams. Three things are constantly happening in any association or organization: the tasks at hand, the process or how we get the job done, and the relationships or people that make up the talent. We’re usually pretty good at the first two, however people and relationships and getting them all to work together as a team can be elusive!

How do you build that team? Is there a near-perfect way to share your vision to get everyone? This workshop breaks down best practices in building your next team and a formula to help you share your vision to the fullest.

Who this course is for:

  • human resource professionals
  • business owners
  • CEO
  • COO
  • team leaders

Course content

3 sections8 lectures1h 51m total length
  • Pre Read - Why your organization’s new vision is failing
  • Introduction and Prepping Our Minds


Chief Strategist
Matt Harrington
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Founder and Chief Strategist at Harrington Brands, Matt created his organization to help others in their pursuit of leading excellent companies and organizations.

Through culture, leadership and people, it is his belief that any organization can begin to build a holistic and pragmatic conversation about the different needs of any organization.

Having studying generations, interpersonal theories, organizational strategy and people skills for over a decade, Matt is seen as a subject matter expert on culture, people and leadership.

His book, Survival of the Hive: 7 Leadership Lessons from a Beehive looks at the macro- and micro-responsibilities of a queen bee and her relationship to a hive. Each chapter explores how the beehive functions through the characters of Zync, a queen-in-waiting, and her fellow bees. Using the bee colony as an allegory to illustrate leadership in an organized community, SOTH provides a working illustration of cultural complexity, leadership clarity, and the importance of trust as a foundation for excellence.

Wearing many hats (author, speaker, executive director of a 350 member Chamber of Commerce), Matt is keenly aware of the ever-changing field of leadership and employee development. Matt works with organizations to discuss the changing paradigm of learning, engagement and leadership. Said one recent client, “Matthew Harrington is one of my top favorite professional business consultants. Matt has a strong work ethic and is very passionate about the work he does, plus his in-depth knowledge about everything from small business to social media is right on target every time.”