Building a Prosperity Mentality: For Aspiring Change-Makers!

The keys to an abundant life are already within YOU, are you aware of it?
Connect to your inner creative power that is responsible for all manifestations.
Understand the success that lies in your experienced suffering in life.
Learn how to design a vision and how to communicate this vision with others.
Understand how to become a valuable resource in your community.
Learn how to create meaningful solutions for your community that will make you prosperous!
Make decisions that attract the desired lifestyle and the desired people towards you!


  • Begin with an open mind and an open heart, ready to receive!


Building a Prosperity Mentality: For Aspiring Change-Makers!

A life of prosperity does not discriminate. It does not select a few individuals and reject the rest of us. NO! Prosperity begins as a mentality and it is accessible for every human being regardless of their background. This course will help you to become aware of the manifestation power to create a prosperous life, that is hidden within you.

The course is guided by Lolo, through five main themes that are influential in leading you on this prosperity journey. The five themes discussed in this course are:

  1. I am aware of my creative power.

  2. I am aware of my suffering.

  3. I am aware of my vision.

  4. I am aware of my communication style.

  5. I am aware of my value.

Each of these themes provide opportunities for you to transform how you look at yourself and how you look at others. Your awareness of what lies within you, points to your unique offering to the world, which will create new channels of wealth in your life. The course also includes reflection exercises, as well as activities which give you a chance to plan and actively begin to create this new prosperous lifestyle.


This course was designed for those who desire to begin creating a new lifestyle for themselves; those who have outgrown the same, exhausting routine; and those who are empowered to bring about meaningful change in their communities; to heal the suffering, start a movement or develop a business or practice that will positively impact and improve people's lives.

Open your mind to the possibilities that are trapped inside you, this journey only requires your willingness to grow out of old cycles and embrace a new prosperous version of yourself -  ultimately leading you to inner and outer peace and deep joy.

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Blessings to all.

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals who have become too small for the current life they are living. Those who desire to experience and receive more out of life!

Course content

7 sections23 lectures1h 22m total length
  • Warm greetings and overview of the course
  • Introduction: Prosperity is within me


Lover of Mindfulness
Lolo Ntshiqa
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I am passionate about Mindfulness, with a deep spiritual connection to my God. I am curious about the meaning we attribute to life and the various interpretations we have of it. I teach by sharing what I know, what I have learnt, and extending this peace to others.

As a teacher, I allow my spirit to guide me in sharing eternal truths about who we are that are accessible only when we decide to connect to a deeper part of ourselves. I teach my students that help comes from within when we connect to God who is our Source. We do not need to wait for others to validate, approve or promote us any more.

My courses point to this truth. It is my intention to remind students of the power within each of us that is waiting to be used and channeled effectively in order to bring about a meaningful life!