Build Your First iOS App with Apple's Swift and Xcode

Learn the basics of Swift and Xcode for app development quick and fast. For those with no programming experience!
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Learn to code in Swift 3.0 with app and game examples
Learn the fundamentals of control flow
Learn how to use functions to perform tasks
Use if statements and loops
Build a simple calculator app in Xcode


  • Xcode
  • A Mac is preferable
  • You can use Xcode on a PC, however, it is your job to install OSX. If you are on a PC, please look up how to do this before purchasing this course.


Do you want to learn to code for the App Store? Do you dream of releasing an app on the App Store? Do you want to learn programming in a friendly, straightforward way? This course is perfect for you.

Even if you’ve never coded before, you can take this course. This course is project based so you will not be learning a bunch of useless coding practices. At the end of this course you will have real world apps to use in your portfolio. We feel that project based training content is the best way to get from A to B. Taking this course means that you learn practical, employable skills immediately.

This course is for anyone who is completely new to the Apple iOS platform, with no Swift programming skills. We’ll use native iOS development tools, which is Xcode.

Learning how to code is a great way to jump in a new career or enhance your current career. Coding is the new math and learning how to code will propel you forward for any situation. Learn it today and get a head start for tomorrow. People who can master technology will rule the future.

One of the best features is that you can watch the courses at any speed you want. This means you can speed up the or slow down the video if you want to.

You can use the projects you build in this course to add to your LinkedIn profile. Give your portfolio fuel to take your career to the next level.

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to learn how to code
  • People who want to learn Swift 3.0
  • Absolute beginners to programming
  • People who want to get started developing for the App Store

Course content

7 sections35 lectures7h 31m total length
  • Introduction to While Loops and Switch Statements in Swift
  • Switch Statement Example
  • While Loops
  • While Loop with Game Example
  • Continue, Break, and Run Statements
  • Summary


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