Live Blog Creation , watch me customize a website

Création de blog en direct, regardez-moi personnaliser un site web.
Free tutorial
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56min of on-demand video
English [Auto]

You will be able to create a website
You will learn about custom domain setup
Build a beautiful website using a template
you will learn to add a post and label it to a categorie
you will learn to earn monney using an alternative adsence methode
You will learn to submit your site to Google
You will learn about layout and theme customization
you will learn how to add ads and protect them from block


  • using mouse and a keyboard


In this dynamic course, you'll have a front-row seat to an engaging experience where I'll demonstrate the process of customizing a website to create an exceptional blog.

No matter if you're a complete beginner or already have some web design knowledge, this course is designed to accommodate all skill levels. You'll gain insights into the fundamentals of web design, explore advanced customization tools, and discover insider tips for crafting a visually appealing and fully functional blog.

Throughout our interactive sessions, you'll learn how to personalize layouts to match your vision, incorporate interactive widgets, optimize images for maximum impact, and much more. I'll be there to answer your questions in real-time, fostering an environment of active participation and learning.

Join me on this exhilarating journey of live blog creation, where you'll not only elevate your web design prowess but also forge a unique online identity that truly represents your passions and interests. Secure your spot now and embark on the path of mastering the art of website customization!

By the end of this course, not only will you have honed your website customization skills, but you'll also have a stunning blog that represents your unique style and passions. Don't miss this opportunity to unleash your creativity and showcase your talents to the world. Enroll now and embark on a transformative journey of live blog creation!

Who this course is for:

  • this course is for people who want to create blogger fast and earn monney from it


Fouad boughanzai
  • 4.4 Instructor Rating
  • 25 Reviews
  • 4,907 Students
  • 1 Course

Fouad is a 29-year-old with a Master's degree in Physics and a passion for building websites and creating new applications for various platforms. He possesses a diverse skill set and a unique perspective that allows him to excel in different fields. Fouad's expertise in Physics enables him to approach problems systematically and come up with innovative solutions, while his passion for software development allows him to create effective and user-friendly applications. With his dedication to learning and his drive to succeed, Fouad is poised to make a significant impact in the tech industry.

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