Build a Todo Web Application with ABP Framework

Build a Multi-layered Todo Web Application with ABP Framework
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Build a Todo Web Application with the multi-layered Domain Driven Design template
Build a version of each UI and database provider available out of the box
Learn how ABP works with different UIs and Database providers
Get to know how ABP works


  • Basic C# knowledge
  • Basic MVC, Blazor or Angular knowledge
  • Basic Entity Framework Core or Mongo Db knowledge
  • Basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge


Welcome to this quick course, this is a very simple course that demonstrates how to create a todo web application step by step, with the multi-layer Domain Driven Design template using the ABP Framework. And we'll do that with each pre-integrated UI framework and database provider option:

UI Frameworks:
MVC, Blazor, Angular

Database providers:

Entity Framework Core (SQLServer, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, Oracle-Devart, PostgreSQL)


ABP Framework offers an opinionated architecture to build enterprise software solutions with best practices on top of NET and ASP NET Core platforms. It provides the fundamental infrastructure, production-ready startup templates, modules, themes, tooling, guides and documentation to implement that architecture properly and automate the details and repetitive works as much as possible.

ABP can work with any UI Framework! MVC, Blazor and Angular aren’t the only UI frameworks that ABP is compatible with, they are though pre-integrated out of the box and same goes with the database providers.

I will walk you through the official abp io documentation and we will demonstrate a video with each UI and database provider option.

The default document we will be walking through is the "quick start" title in the documentation, and each video will have the link of its document in the video description.

Basic knowledge of the prior UI frameworks and database providers is only needed.

Hope you find this course helpful.

Good luck

Who this course is for:

  • ABP Developers
  • .NET Developers
  • ASP NET Core Developers
  • ABP Framework Beginners
  • Software Developers
  • Web Developers


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We are developing open source and commercial software development tools.

Our products:

* ASP.NET Boilerplate

Our most known product is ASP.NET Boilerplate which is an open source web application framework with 1.000.000+ downloads on NuGet and 6.500+ stars on GitHub.


ASP.NET Zero is another product of us which a commercial base solution to create new web applications. It provides many common enterprise level features as a built-in source code. You get its source code and build your own solution on top of it.

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ABP Framework

ABP provides a full stack development model and infrastructure for modern web applications. It increases developer productivity by automating repetitive tasks and providing a complete application architecture.

* Modular, Layered Architecture based on Domain Driven Design
* Micro-service Focused
* Supports Multi-Tenancy

* Virtual File System & Theming

* Free & Open-Source

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ABP Commercial

ABP Commercial is a platform based on the open source ABP framework. It provides pre-built application modules, rapid application development tooling, professional UI themes, premium support and more.

* Application Modules

* Startup Templates

* Developer Tools

* Premium Support

* UI Themes

* Trainings and Consultancy

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