Build iPhone Apps using Dreamweaver CS6 and Xcode combined.

Use your knowledge of HTML and CSS to build real iPhone apps.
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You will be able to build native iPhone Apps like you build a simple webpage.


  • This course requires an Apple Macintosh computer able to run Dreamweaver and Xcode.


This course is old and not updated, so please do not give it bad reviews because of that.

This course is about on using any existent beginners knowledge of html and css to build native iPhone apps.

We will be doing it from scratch up to the point where you are ready to start the process of sending your app to the App Store.

I will show you that you can build native apps for iphone easier than you can imagine just by using Dreamweaver, some web development tools and few lines of Objective-C.

It will take you about 6 hours to complete this course on "learn by watching" method.

I will be showing you how to organize your self, how to plan your work and normal possible problems and mistakes a long the way.

Don't waste your existent knowledge thinking that iPhone apps are hard to build. Use it to jump to the future in an easier way, and get started now and today. 

Who this course is for:

  • You should be familiar with html and css. No programming experience is required.

Course content

8 sections29 lectures3h 40m total length
  • About this course
  • Download full project
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  • Planning your work
  • Organize folders and start using Dreamweaver


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Claudio Zani Silva
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I started to work with computers in 1982 in the data entry department of a large bank in Brazil. On 1983 I started my programming career and three years after, I became a System Analyst at this bank. I left the bank 1992 and moved to United States and since there I have been developing systems for many companies in US and Europe.

I love to teach, give advice and guide beginners on anything related with computers.

Today I live in US and Brazil, but most of the time in US.