Build eCommerce and Brand Sites to Start Working from Home

Master a simple, fast, step by step system building branded & eCommerce websites for customers from scratch. No coding!
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Plan the Build and find the right domain name
How to aquire and use a shared website host (server)
Install, test and Configure Wordpress, WooCommerce, themes, payment gateways and value add plugins manually
Build a website without coding step by step
Lean how to take payments online
Troubleshoot random problems
Coming Bonuses: Site Security, Home Business Essentials, Social Media Marketing Basics, Maintenance
Coming Bonuses: Performance, Analytics, Email Subscriptions, Shortcodes, Amazon Affiliates, Social media APIs


  • You'll need a computer with an internet connection.
  • Have a budget up to $60 USD for course materials and $10/month for hosting
  • Determination!


Take control and work to organically move from working an 8-5 to working your own hours from home building websites for others! 

In this build along course, we will work together on building a practical website of your choosing (like your own business website) starting from scratch and learning the in's and out's of domains, website hosts and of course Wordpress and WooCommerce.  These free platforms are by which the foundation of magic will happen!  We will also learn other highly valuable and mostly free industry flexible tools, themes and plugins, etcetera, to get you stared on a path of breaking free!   We will be building a fully fledged branded eCommerce site and I will be explaining it through each and every step.  This is not a 3 hour course but a full fledged 20+ hour walk-through of an entire site build and the nuances and challenges along the way.   

Lastly, but certainly not least, there will be a plethora of bonus content being added periodically which includes many extra features and web building business related topics to help you know how to get started and get off the ground faster and continue giving you skills marketable above the rest. 

Who is this course for?

This course is namely for those knowing nothing about website design and want to learn everything needed to get started professionally and being confident without coding; Or, you are an existing developer and want to master WordPress and eCommerce platforms as a means of building faster and more economical solutions for your clients.  Weather you are just wanting to break free of a boss, expand your skills, are incapable of working a labor job anymore or are retired and want to supplement your retirement income, you can do this course!  

Are you?

  • A stay at home mom or dad
  • An entrepreneur
  • An existing web developer
  • An aspiring web developer
  • A business owner
  • An employee
  • A student
  • A retiree
  • A person who loves to learn and loves the internet

This course is for you! 

Regardless of your experience, we not only offer support over the Udemy built in community, you can also join the instructors's private Facebook group to also socialize and bounce questions off the instructor Cory and other eager students.

What you will learn?

You will go from knowing nothing about websites to being able to build a fully fledged branded eCommerce site that is easy for you and your customers to manage, is marketable and even gain skills necessary to improve your own employer's web presence!   The reason why we will do an eCommerce site is that it covers the majority of what you will need to tackle in any other situation as well as how to deal with variation.  No two websites taste the same but the recipe is the same each and every time.   This step by step, rinse and repeat system, includes planning, setup, configure all the way through go live.  We leave no stone unturned, all without touching any coding!   We will also touch on some common online marketing tips you can pass off to your customers with Amazon integration, social media and others.  This will ultimately help make your skill and offers stand above others!     You aren't going to find a more detailed and easy to follow course then this.   Similar, more difficult to follow courses, are generally aimed at people with experience or, due to sheer cost, are too risky!  

This course being easy, can be used by anyone and is priced for easy access no matter what budget you have!  Finally, and most importantly, we are always developing and improving our content as student or industry needs change!  If you love it, it will be the "gateway drug" to future web development skills such as coding!   

Udemy support for lifetime access is excellent!   Don't hold back!  Learn the skills that will open the door into the world of internet business and make you more effective in our day in age.  Let's rescue the internet from business that don't understand the value of websites and online marketing in the 21st century!  Remember, the skills learned here will benefit you in your own business and help you earn extra revenue to a goal of financial freedom; moreover, it will also boost your employability with future or existing companies you work for by adding valuable web skills to your resume!  Wordpress makes up a vast majority of websites today! Learn it! Don't hesitate!  Jump on board now and we will see you in the course.  

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to use learned website building skills for a home business.
  • Anyone who wishes to learn Wordpress and WooCommerce well.
  • Anyone who wants to learn to build their own websites.


Business Application Developer and IT Manager
Cory Adamson
  • 4.7 Instructor Rating
  • 220 Reviews
  • 24,015 Students
  • 1 Course

Cory has worked as an IT operations management consultant for small and large corporations as well as an independent entrepreneur and web developer for over 15 years.  Cory has advanced knowledge in Wordpress and Woocommerce and has not only built many business websites on the platform, but also has developed many custom plugins for them.  Cory also has advanced knowledge in application integration and business solutions for the "cloud" age.  Preferring web based solutions, Cory has spent much time building skills as a full stack developer programming in PHP and prefers the Laravel framework with MySql, Javascript/Jquery and CSS among others.    Aside from developing custom business solutions, as well as websites for many successful businesses, Cory maintains his own eCommerce websites and other successful streams of income with Amazon Seller / FBA and other online platforms.   

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