Build a spare room studio for rapid video and audio creation

Set up a home studio in a spare part of a room to allow you to rapidly create out pro-quality videos and podcasts
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Multi purpose desk set up allowing you to sit or stand
Video production using always on multi webcam set up
Quality audio with easily always on easily adjustable mirophone
Affordable, effective lighting solutions that a perfect for smaller spaces


  • A little space, imagination and a relatively small budget
  • A want to create high quality content
  • You do not need any technical skills, but it will help if you have tried to create your own videos without a studio


Are you trying to create higher quality videos, podcasts, screencasts, or even record your own courses? Nothing gets you to the next level like having your own always connected spare room studio.

In this course, you can follow me as I build my spare room studio with a desk-sized footprint! The studio doubles as a home office space allowing me to switch between work and side hustle roles in seconds.

I already had several webcams and microphones, so come with me and see how I decide which ones to use and why. I share my practical examples so you. can make an informed decision in your studio

Who this course is for:

  • Instructors, Content creators, YouTubers, Vloggers and Podcasters who want to create better content

Course content

4 sections11 lectures34m total length
  • Before and after desk view
  • Before and after backdrop view


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Scott Doel
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About Scott Doel:

I'm an offline and online instructor, that mixes the best of both worlds to make engaging and fun content

My CV:

I have a masters degree from The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) in Executive Coaching and Mentoring alongside a Master of Life Coaching award from the Institute of Advanced Neuro-linguistic programming (IANLP). I also have a teaching and facilitation qualification through the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

I have been teaching offline for 15 years in the field of Leadership and Management, with a primary focus on soft skills. And deliver education to a bachelors level for both the ILM and Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

I'm a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development at Associate Level (Assoc CIPD) and a member of the ILM MInstLM.

I hold a practitioner qualification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and delivery qualifications in psychometric and behaviour tools DISC and Total SDI.

I have a passionate hobby in Positive Psychology and understanding how we can make our brains work for us, rather than hindering our progress

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