Branding & Marketing for Startups: Learn How To Stand Out

Branding & Marketing Insights: Learn Top Brand Design Strategies To Build Physical Product Brand & Grow Your Business :)
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Branding & Marketing for Startups: Learn How To Stand Out
Branding & Marketing Insights: Learn Top Brand Design Strategies To Build Physical Product Brand & Grow Your Business.
Understand the true idea of branding and why people buy brands
Define a real value of your product
Identify your target customer like a pro
Learn how to be different and charge more for it
Learn top techniques for finding a sticky brand names
Turn your personal story into fascinating brand story, that brings more customers
Learn basics of color and typography to choose the right combination for your brand
Use images to increase price and maintain consistent brand experience
Find professional graphic designer without breaking a bank
Define a real value of your product
Turn your personal values into more customers
Create brand personality to build relationship with your customers
Speak voice, that your customer love to listen
Use your team to take advantage over bigger competitors
Design great looking logo on a budget
Style your brand like a pro with creating mood board
Branding for Beginners
Steps to Create a Visual Identity that Inspires Trust & Professionalism
Create an appealing visual identity for your business or organization
Choose the perfect colors, fonts & visuals for your brand
Build a consistent visual presence across different social media platforms
Define exactly who your target audience is & create a brand that appeals to that audience
Get practical and learn from 4 case studies of (ethical) brands that are doing it right!
Personal Branding: Build A Personal Brand That Makes Money
Master Personal Branding strategy: how to create a personal brand that establishes thought leadership & influence
All the tools you will need to transfer beyond this course and into your life, career and business
The Mindset and methodology to sustaining a Personal Brand through any kind of economic weather


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This course can help your company build a consistent visual identity that will :

✅ impress your customers,

✅ make you stand out from your competitors and

✅ make sure your brand is recognized and remembered.

✅ Create a self-branded business and gain financial freedom and independence

✅ Set up and run a podcast or YouTube show to brand you as an influencer

✅ Use effective ads and email marketing to grow more rapidly

Everyone (CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, professionals, and job seekers) needs a strong personal brand. In today's online environment, a personal brand is more than a clever tagline, a vague elevator speech, and professional profile picture. A Personal Brand is a deeper, more developed, and consistent narrative that conveys your value and creates lucrative opportunities.

Your Personal Brand is the ultimate currency in the 21st century. Without a strong, polished, value driven personal brand that attracts your target audience you will have zero equity in this current digital marketplace.

In this course you will learn all the crucial components, in an easy to follow, step by step format, understanding how to reach a specific audience with a well thought out Personal Brand Identity that produces long term results.

  • Standing out from the competitors

  • Targeting the right audience

  • Communicating your story consistently

  • I like to break branding a company down into three core phases:

    • Brand Strategy

    • Brand Identity

    • Brand Marketing

Who this course is for:

  • All entrepreneurs running physical product business, who want to take their brand to the next level
  • Anybody interested and willing to learn more about branding
  • Physical product startups founders
  • Marketing and brand managers


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