All About AWS Lambda and Serverless

All the aspects related to Serverless Architecture with practical implementation in AWS
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What is Severless?
Why we need Serverless Architecture?
Difference in between IaaS,PaaS & FaaS(Pay Per Event)-Evolution
Advantages of Serverless Architecture
High level Architecture about exercise
How to setup AWS Account ?
What is S3 bucket & how to setup ?
What is IAM role & how to setup ?
Setting up eclipse with AWS Key & AWS Toolkit
How to do lambda development in Java ?
How to unit test lambda function ?
API Gateway integration
What is API Gateway & how to setup ?
Serverless DB Integration
What is DynamoDB ?
How to setup DynamoDB?
Develop sample Java Program with Dynamo DB Integration
How Cost calculation Works ?
What are the shortcomings and limitations ?


  • Eclipse Installation if possible
  • AWS Tool Kit Installation
  • Any textpad editor


At the end of this course, you will have answers to the below questions. This course tries to give you an overall serverless architecture concept to hands-on implementation in AWS serverless offering. The course is divided into two major part wherein the first part you will understand 3W, Who, Why & What is a serverless architecture & the second part is where we will do the in-depth implementation using AWS SAM, which is lambda

First Part Topics Covered

•What is Severless?

•Why we need Serverless Architecture?

•Difference in between IaaS,PaaS & FaaS(Pay Per Event).

•Advantages of Serverless Architecture.

•High level Architecture about the hands-on exercise which we will be standing up.

•What are the shortcomings?

•How Cost calculation Works?

Second Part

•How to setup AWS Account?

•What is s3 bucket & how to setup ?

•How to setup key in eclipse & Eclipse Setup?

•What is IAM role & how to setup ?

•What is AWS Lambda & how to setup?

•Each setting in AWS Lambda

•What is API Gateway & how to setup ?

•How to integrate with API Gateway?

•How API Gateway throttling works?

•What is DynamoDB & how to set up DynamoDB?

•Integrating Dynamo DB with the application.

Who this course is for:

  • Actively coding developers
  • Solution Architects
  • Project Manager & above
  • Enterprise Architect
  • System Analysts and Business analyst

Course content

4 sections18 lectures1h 37m total length
  • Introduction
  • Course Audience
  • Topic Covered
  • Additional Topic


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