Boost Sales Using [Zoho CRM] and SMS

Learn How To Automate Text Messages To Increase Sales Up To 40%
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 (9 ratings)
2,239 students
Boost Sales Using [Zoho CRM] and SMS
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 (9 ratings)
2,239 students
How to automate SMS to boost sales using Zoho CRM


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In this quick and easy course, Lior Izik will show you how to convert up to 40% more leads and how to maintain your existing clients using text messages (SMS) automation.

The course starts with how to register for a free Zoho One Trial account and D7 plugin. The following lessons will discuss how to automate text messages (SMS) in order to convert more leads.

Who this course is for:
  • Business owners and sales representative
Course content
1 section • 8 lectures • 57m total length
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  • Create a Free Zoho One Account
  • Create a Free D7 Account
  • Send And Receive SMS To Zoho CRM
  • Send Your New Lead A Text Message Automatically
  • Happy Birthday SMS Automation
  • Adding The country code Automatically
  • Receive Notification On a New Incoming SMS

Lior Izik Zoho, Sales & Marketing
Lior Izik
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I have been in business since I was 10 years old. I began by purchasing bagels on the street and selling them to bankers a few doors down for double the price. Since then, I have come a long way and grown with my experience in the business world.

My experiences have not always been successful, and I am no stranger to failure. Since I first started selling those bagels all those years ago, I have since created many small businesses, some of which drained expenses and closed after only a few short months.

Though these failures had hurt and embarrassed me at the time, I now know that my failures have helped me far more than my wins ever would. Sometimes the most important lessons can be learned out of a disaster. Without my failures, I would never have developed the philosophy that made me the man I am today, turning a street-side bagel broker into a successful entrepreneur.

I learned from my mistakes, and in doing so paved my way to a winning record in the business world. Much of this occurred on the internet; over many years I developed web design, development, marketing, and security companies, all of which were successful despite being part of a growing and extremely competitive market. Some of my ventures were sold to larger companies, while others I am proud to say are still making me money today.

Other businesses began to take note of the success of my process and philosophy, and would later come to me for help with their own business problems. I began to take on a more consultative role and was really able to put my philosophy to the test in multiple industries. To my delight, not only did it pass, it exceeded.  From real estate businesses, to home services companies, call centres and more, all of these industries benefited greatly from the lessons I had learned. This changed my role in the business world; rather than creating my own companies from scratch, I began to merge into these existing companies as a partner once I had helped their owners. Today, I am proudly associated with many successful businesses in multiple industries, and am happy to have been given the opportunity to help them grow and succeed.