Body Percussion Learning
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Body Percussion Learning

Your body as a musical instrument, feel the beat of life!
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4.7 (3 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
28 students enrolled
Created by Cristian Mejia
Last updated 7/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Basic Body Percussion Techniques
  • Body Percussion Sequences
  • Rhythms for Body Percussion
  • Body percussion training with metronome and backing track
  • Music, movement, health and fun
  • 22 lessons with more than an hour of content !!!
  • Physical, mental, emotional and neurosensory stimulation
  • There is no requirement, only your effort, perseverance and heart

Body percussion, or body music, is the cultural practice and artistic discipline where music is played through the entire body. Different percussion techniques are used on the body (claps, feet, snaps, etc.), coordinated movements, vocal sounds, body expression and nonverbal communication (body language).

Music, dance and physical exercise together in a context of joy, movement, and health

This course is designed to take you step by step, for the person who wants to start from beginner level. Gradually you will learn different techniques and rhythms for body percussion that you will incorporate into your practices; in this way you can create sequences and compose your own ideas.

I can assure you that body percussion will change your life and fill you with energy. This course is to share with you this invaluable treasure =)

The exercises that we will carry out are not of high impact, but if you have any doubts, always remember to consult your trusted doctor.

© 2020 Cristian Mejía

Who this course is for:
  • People who loves art, movement and music
  • Anyone who wants to explore the world of body music and have fun
  • Musicians
  • Dancers
  • Performers
Course content
Expand all 22 lectures 01:13:31
+ Welcome to the Body Percussion World!
4 lectures 14:05

Our introduction to the course, join this exciting adventure !!! Don't forget to read the attached PDF for important details =)

*** It is a pleasure and an honor to share with you*** =)

Preview 01:46

General explanation about the structure and some recommendations

***Enjoy the world of Body Percussion*** =) 

Structure of the course and general advice

A series of very simple exercises to warm up before each practice, preparing our bodies for the learning process.

Remember that it is very important to warm up a little before any physical activity, movement is health. The following sequences and exercises are not high impact, but in the same way a correct preparation is always recommended.

You can download the mp3 tracks for your personal practice =) 

*** If you have any injury or health problem it is important that you consult your doctor ***

Preview 05:33

More warm-up exercises, a first approach to basic techniques. Activation of body percussion in your body

Lower region: Feet / Middle region: thighs, stomach / Upper region: mouth, chest, palms, elbows, clap (PDF document)

*** Always remember to hydrate and smile *** =)

Preview 04:01
+ The adventure begins! First steps
6 lectures 22:21

Our first sequence, upper and middle region. We are going to use the  rock and roll rhythm.

Classes will always have the following sequence:

1-Presentation and explanation of the sequence

2-Training with metronome (tempo regulation, speed)

3-Practice with musical accompaniment (Drum Loop)

*** Breathe, thank, exhale, share *** =)

Preview 03:40

This sequence is our first official practice of the "stomp" (the foot against the ground).

Always remember to perform each class several times and never forget the corresponding warm-up so that you can achieve great results and take proper care of your body

*** Your body is a treasure, a sacred treasure ***

Stomp loud, let's move!

Navigating through each palm, we gradually connect the regions of our body, at the same time our musicality wakes up and increases

*** Learning is a process of humility, effort and honor *** =)

Body Percussion Roll. Flow with your claps!

The butterfly clap is a very entertaining technique. Its use and origin go back to Somalia in the east of the African continent.

This is a basic sequence, however, of great importance because it proposes an interconnection of techniques and body regions.

*** The butterfly represents air, spirit and freedom *** =)

Butterfly Clap. Connection of the Body

Little by little more combinations of different techniques, more challenges in the execution and in the corresponding movements. In this case we add the "stomp" to our beloved butterfly clap and an interesting roll at the end

*** Discipline, effort and passion are essential ingredients in the internalization of our learning *** =)

Stomp and Butterfly Clap. Let's move forward

This class is our time to review the first five sequences and play a sequence based on them.

*** Always take a break on the road, watch your steps, what you have learned ... congratulate yourself! ***

Full sequence, full energy!
+ Integrating techniques and learning more combos
7 lectures 25:36

Combining what we learned in the second section, we are going to play more interesting variations. In this lesson we combine the  rock rhythm with the chest, the claps, and  the body percussion roll.

*** The main task of body percussion is to promote the freedom of the Spirit and the creativity of the Being ***

More combinations!

We have now a body roll with an interesting proposal, a different flavor. It behooves us to pay close attention and internalize the rhythmic phrases to achieve the objective.

*** Every clap is energy and music to live ***

Interlude, Body Percussion Roll

Awakening agility and precision in our feet is a vitally important process in body percussion. Furthermore, it is this lower region that fills our entire body with movement. In this sequence we continue training more variations of "stomps"

*** A solid foundation in learning is the path to the  "solo" freedom ***

Feet connected to the ground!

In this sequence there are steps with a more choreographic objective , steps that visually strengthen the scenic product; however, with the premise of maintaining a correct and fluid musical discourse.

*** The feet are the earth, the base, our root, and connection ***

More movement, more stomp!

For this class we present a dynamic rhythm with various integrated techniques. This specific step is widely used in African American stepping, a body percussion style derived from African American fraternities.

*** There are always reasons to be thankful every day, the beat continues and the music doesn't stop ***

Combo! Stomp, thighs and butterfly clap

And just like we did in the previous section, we are going to practice the 5 sequences and create a bigger one. It is always fun to challenge ourselves to raise our level of practice. Remember to run these sequences as many times as necessary until they become part of us.

*** Each technique has a history, each dance a root ***

Full sequence, let's go!

We can consider this class as our test =) We gather everything and we will give everything to conquer our goal. I hope that the process has been quite fun, I congratulate you deeply because at this moment you are already someone different ... a practitioner of body percussion.

*** Body percussion uses the most valuable instrument in the entire world, the human body ***

Final challenge!
+ Before farewell, some bonus lessons
5 lectures 11:29

We are almost finishing the course, it is time to talk a little and share recommendations. My wish is that this course be a starting point for your creativity to build new sequences and combinations; Also, my biggest recommendation: share what you have learned, because whenever you teach you learn twice as much.

*** Giving is always an opportunity, an opportunity to know and share, a learning to grow ***

Final recommendations

This gift lesson brings us an excellent communication exercise between the upper and lower region of our body. A rhythm based on marching bands, you must pay close attention to it and even practice its vocalization: dum-ta-dum-dum-ta-dum-dum-ta.

*** The drums will sound in our body, the guide is our heart ***

Marching band rhythm, upper and lower region

In this exercise we imitate the drum set; our chest will be the kick drum, the snap a hi hat and the clap the snare drum. Body percussion is a multidisciplinary practice, but is essentially part of musical analysis and rhythmic study

*** Music that generates vibration, vibration that moves the body ***

Rock rhythm. Snapping time!

In this variation we can appreciate the importance of staggering our learning. One technique gives way to the other.

*** Every good teacher is a good apprentice ***

Rock rhythm. Variation

As many know in Costa Rica we always say "Pura Vida" (pure life) every day of our life, it is a phrase that can have a thousand meanings, as a farewell I send you my deepest "Pura Vida" with thanks and joy; knowing that this is not the end, but the beginning of a great friendship.

It is thanks to your support that I will be able to record and launch the following course:

"BODY PERCUSSION LEARNING LEVEL 2" =) We will see each other to continue sharing

***Pura Vida***

The beginning of a great friendship...