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Body language for public speaking
How to Master body language
How to master Non-verbal communication
Detect the hidden meaning of body gestures and postures
How to attract people by your body language
Spot lies of seeing body gestures
Get hired by interviewer
Rock in business
Get more clients by use of your body language
Increase your influence
Effective networking
Importance of body language in relationship
Importance of body language in public speaking
Importance of body language in workplace


  • Passionate to improve body language
  • Understanding Of English


Do you want to have more success? Mastering body language is the missing ingredient for many business owners , public speakers and professionals and students. Nonverbal communication can not only help you be more effective in your work , but it can also give you an added edge above competitors.

93% of our communication is nonverbal.

But we rarely think about our body language when dealing with clients, investors , teammates , loved ones or at networking. We think about what we are going to say, but we don't consider how we say something. Research shows how we say something is even more important than what we say.

" Action Speaks Lauder Than Words."

This course is made up for those, who wants to build influence on people. Whom they meet.

Get Success In:

  • Relationships

  • Public Speaking

  • Assertive Behavior

  • Workplace Success

Customer Relations:

  • Successful Selling

  • Winning Client Relations

  • Customer Validation

Grab These Followings

  • Lie Detection

  • Hiring

  • Finding Great Partners

  • Connecting with Colleagues

  • Leadership

  • Management

This course will teach you how to be more effective in all of areas of your business.

Body language will completely change the way you do anything in your public life.

All the very best.

Who this course is for:

  • Coaches
  • Business Owners
  • Freelancers
  • Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales persons
  • Lawyers
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Authors
  • Public Speakers
  • Students
  • Kids
  • Trainers


Career Counselor & Digital Geek
Jay Prasad Singh
  • 2.4 Instructor Rating
  • 199 Reviews
  • 8,159 Students
  • 1 Course

I am in love with communication skills, This has become my hobby. I believe in HOT communication it means Honest, Open and Two Way. When I was young , I was really not good at speaking and my body language was worst. I was mocked by a lot of  my friends. It was really unforgettable for me  but I developed myself when I entered in MLM industry. I have 3 years of experience in MLM and I did my graduation from one of the reputed college in Greater noida(Delhi NCR).

Now I am Co-founder of a consultancy company which is MyPal education And Founder Of Tycoonpreneur.


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✅Affiliate Marketing

✅Digital Coaching

✅Digital Tribe Building

✅Info Product Creation

✅Webinar Selling

✅Digital Course Design

✅Traffic Generation

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✅Digital Sales Conversions 

✅Chatbot Marketing

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