Blockchain Technology: A Guide To The Blockchain Ecosystem
3.7 (409 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Blockchain Technology: A Guide To The Blockchain Ecosystem

Your Guide To Understanding The Blockchain Ecosystem And The Technology That Surrounds At More Than Just Surface Level.
3.7 (409 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,811 students enrolled
Last updated 5/2020
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What you'll learn
  • You’ll Be An Individual Who Is Able To Fully Understand How The Blockchain Works, As Well As All That Surrounds It.
  • You’ll Be Able To Fully Understand Blockchain Technology And The Ecosystem As A Whole.
  • Targeted Towards Those Who Have Heard Of Terms Such As “Blockchain”, “Smart Contracts” etc, but want to take their knowledge further than just surface level.
  • Previous Knowledge Of The Subject Matter Is Not Required, All Will Be Explained In Regards To The Blockchain And The Ecosystem That Surrounds It Within This Course.

Have you been hearing about the Blockchain recently?

Are you struggling to understand how the Blockchain works?

Maybe you’re unaware of how the Blockchain ecosystem operates?

Whatever your motivation to start on your journey with understanding Blockchain technology, and the ecosystem as whole, you’ve come to the right place to get started on it.

Blockchain Technology: A Guide To The Blockchain Ecosystem, is the most comprehensive course on helping you to understand Blockchain technology and the ecosystem as a whole anywhere on the web.

It’s the one place with everything you need to get started with understanding Blockchain technology and the ecosystem that surrounds it through the path of least resistance, and become a skilled individual on the topic of understanding this rising technology.

This is an effective and “to the point” course breaking down complex topics, hence taking you from zero knowledge on the Blockchain ecosystem, to becoming an individual who is able to fully understand how the Blockchain works, as well as all that surrounds it.

While there are plenty of Blockchain guides scattered around the web, it’s hard to find a focused Blockchain video course like this one that is updated regularly, and on top of that is instructed by an instructor who has a great understanding of Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain.

Nothing is kept a secret. I take you through step by step on understanding how the Blockchain technology, and entire ecosystem works. On top of that you’ll have access to me on-demand through the course discussion board should you wish to gain clarification on any issues.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to understand how Blockchain technology works, as well as the ecosystem as whole i.e. Smart Contracts etc. So if you’ve heard of the term “Blockchain”, but still fail to understand how it all works, you’re in the right place to understand it all.

Who this course is for:
  • Perfect For Anyone Who Wants To Understand How Blockchain Technology Works, As Well As The Ecosystem As Whole i.e. Smart Contracts Etc.
  • Blockchain Technology Can And Will Be Deployed Worldwide, So You Can Be From Any Country To Gain Maximum Value From This Course.
Course content
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+ Lets Dive Nose First Into This Course Helping You To Understand The Blockchain
4 lectures 18:14

Before we jump into any other lectures within this course, I want to cover a key question with you. And that is, why are people so excited about the Blockchain? Without understanding the possibilities of the Blockchain, which is what makes people get excited about it in the first place, it would be far more difficult to grasp the concepts of it. So let me go over the two key aspects that get people so excited about the Blockchain, before jumping into all the lectures in this course.

Preview 06:27

The financial services sector is often cited as the main area the Blockchain will disrupt, Bitcoin for example as disrupted traditional currencies. Now as true as that may be, there are a whole host of other industries set for disruption by Blockchain technology.

Preview 08:59

Many people tend to think that the Blockchain is just one, and there aren’t different varieties of it. But they’d be wrong. Of course it’s not anybody’s fault, it’s simply the way the Blockchain is talked about and discussed. Generally it’s discussed as being this one Blockchain, but let me tell you right from the get go that there are many varieties of the Blockchain.

At the Moment These Are The Blockchains That Exist
+ Understand How The Entire Blockchain Works As A Piece Of Technology
7 lectures 25:30

So what is the Blockchain? You’ve heard the term thrown around, but you’re still struggling to truly grasp the concept of this technology. Well fortunately for you, I’ll be breaking down the Blockchain in this lecture. So lets jump into it.

Lets Start By Discussing What The Blockchain Actually Is

Many people are saying the Blockchain is the new internet, and comparing the disruptive nature of the Blockchain to that of when the internet came along. But is that so true? Lets take this a little further, and see if that could be the case.

Many Ask The Question Of The Blockchain Being The New Internet, So Is It?

You may remember that in first section of this course I touched on there being other Blockchains, i.e. private Blockchains. Well in this lecture I’m going to cover the three types of Blockchain’s.

Lets Move Onto Comparing The Public, Consortium, And Private Blockchain

So lets get more technical as to how the blockchain actually works now, over just throwing the term around and hoping it’ll stick. Lets now start getting a little more technical.

Let Me Share The Analogy Of The Blockchain Being Similar To A Spreadsheet

Now lets now move onto talking about how secure the Blockchain actually is. The Blockchain as a piece of technology is built to be long lasting, something which will really stand the test of time, much in the same way the internet is.

This Is How The Blockchain As A Technology Is Designed Not To Fail

Lets talk a little more about nodes in this lecture, and how that makes the Blockchain more secure.

Lets Talk About Nodes Now As They Play A Very Important Part

Here’s a fun little assignment for you to end this section. I want to understand how much of what we went through you actually absorbed.

ASSIGNMENT - How Would You Explain The Blockchain To Others?
+ Understand How Smart Contracts Work As A Piece Of Technology
6 lectures 16:40

I want to jump right into this section with you. So lets get started with what were here to learn, and understand. What are smart contracts?

Let Me Guide You Down A Structured Path To Understanding Smart Contracts

Now as you should be aware this course isn’t a technical based course on the Blockchain, what I mean by that is I don’t show how to develop decentralised applications and so on. This course is more about helping you to understand the Blockchain, and all the technology that surrounds it. Because a large part of getting involved in this ecosystem is actually understanding the theoretical underlying aspects which is what this course is about

Here’s An Example Of What Ethereum Based Smart Contract Code Looks Like

So in the previous section I mentioned the uses of the Blockchain in specific industries, and more specifically how the Blockchain will impact them. Now the technology behind most of what I’ve mentioned is Smart Contracts, but rather than repeating those companies that are using the Blockchain to move specific industries forward, I’m going to share some I haven’t mentioned yet.

Let Me Now Give You Some Examples Of The Uses Of Smart Contracts

So there are seven key reasons as to why smart contracts are so raved about, in this lecture I’m going to point them out for you. That way going forwards with your journey, you’ll know exactly why smart contracts will play such a pivotal role in certain industries.

Everything Has It’s Unique Selling Points So Here Are Smart Contracts USP’s

From how we’ve been talking about smart contracts in this course, and in general how it’s discussed online you’d generally think it’s fool proof. So what I mean is, the way smart contracts are discussed about solving problems online you’d think there are no issues with it, but we’d be wrong if we thought that. Because as with any early stage technology it has its teething problems. So let me go over them for you in this lecture, hence by the end you’ll have more a complete all round understanding of the pro’s and con’s of smart contracts.

Every New Technology Has It’s Problems So Here Are Smart Contracts Issues

Now we’re at the end of this smart contract section. I do hope you gained a valuable insight into smart contracts here. So just before we do end, I’d like to let you the Blockchains on which you can actively process smart contracts on.

These Are The Blockchains On Which You Can Start Processing Smart Contracts

This short quiz will be testing you on what we've covered in this section. You'll be asked questions on smart contracts as a technology, as well as the ecosystem that surrounds it.

Understand How Smart Contracts Work As A Piece Of Technology
5 questions
+ Lets Conclude On This Blockchain Course And Cover The Next Steps You Can Take
2 lectures 02:23

Now if you’d like to actually create a Blockchain application, so a decentralised app I have a course which I created with my co-instructor Thomas. He’s a great developer, and has many years of experience in this field. So a perfect person to learn from!

This Is How To Take Your Blockchain Interest Further

Simply follow the links within this text lecture, and allow yourself to enrol on any of my Cryptocurrency & Blockchain related courses at a discounted rate.

Next Steps To Take
+ Bonus Resources
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