Blockchain Real World Projects
3.0 (5 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
33 students enrolled

Blockchain Real World Projects

Build your own scalable, distributed Blockchain apps
3.0 (5 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
33 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Grasp decentralized technology fundamentals and master blockchain principles.
  • Build blockchain projects on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Hyperledger
  • Build your own cryptocurrency payment app.
  • Write smart contracts and run your ICO using Ethereum
  • Build Web3 DApps and supply chain systems using Hyperledger
  • Integrate blockchain into your existing system in your organization
  • With the knowledge you gain, you will be able to create public and private tamper-proof databases, ICOs, and gambling apps. No prior experience with Blockchain technologies is assumed in this course

Blockchain is a revolution promising a new world without middlemen. This course will provide you with all the relevant concepts related to cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and blockchain in order to build your own decentralized applications.

You will begin with the development of a basic application using Blockchain and mining blocks. Moving further, you will build the Bitcoin codebase and you will be able to build your own currency/tamper-proof DB. Using Hyperledger you will implement various blockchains to create a supply chain application. You will explore ERC20 standards to create an ERC20 smart contract and you will also learn to improve its standards with ERC22 to develop its first ICO. Lastly, you will create a gambling application using ETH network smart contracts. Each project will teach you just enough about blockchain to be productive right away.

By the end of this course, you will not only be able to tackle common issues in the blockchain ecosystem but you'll also design and build reliable, scalable, distributed systems

About the Author

Sriharsha Bingi has been into cryptocurrencies, investments, and data science for 3 years. He did his schooling in India and Oman. His passion for cryptocurrencies grew from the year 2016. That interest started multiplying in 2017, when he was awestruck by the amount of research big companies are doing and the money they're spending on it. That is when he realized that the blockchain technology is going to revolutionize the World. Technology has to evolve continuously, says Harsha.

At present he is working in the World Financial Center, Manhattan, New York as a blockchain developer. In the course of constantly honing his skills in the blockchain technology, he wants to share his knowledge with us. As the need for blockchain developers is exponentially increasing the people who are actually trained to develop are getting fewer. He has developed a functional demo using blockchain technology for BdiPlus, a company in the World Financial Center, Manhattan and now he would like to share his experience and knowledge with us

Who this course is for:
  • If you are interested in building blockchain decentralized applications from scratch, this course is for you. It begins with the basics and will equip you with the ability to build intermediate projects.
Course content
Expand all 21 lectures 02:01:22
+ Getting Started with Blockchain
5 lectures 27:12

This video provides an overview of the entire course.

Preview 02:56

In this video, we will discuss what blockchain is in brief.

   •  Learn the tools and environment required to jump start coding

   •  Understand blockchain

   •  Have the environment ready to code

Preview 03:51

In this video, we will learn the practical use cases of cryptocurrency and how we can change the way we use technology.

   •  Dig into use cases

   •  Learn how to actually use cryptocurrency

   •  Learn to benefit from using blockchain technology

Practical Use Case of Cryptocurrency

In this video, we will learn how to create a simple decentralized application.

   •  Create and deploy the contract on ganache

   •  Create the frontend for the DAPP

   •  Connect the frontend of DApp with the blockchain and interact with it

"Hello World" into the Blockchain

In this video, we will learn what transactions are and how mining works. We will also dive into the fundamentals of validation and consensus.

   •  Understand what transactions are

   •  Learn what mining is and how miners get paid for validation

   •  Get an idea about consensus mechanism

Transactions and Mining
+ Build a Custom Currency Based on Ethereum
4 lectures 27:12

So Solidity is the language of choice to create smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. In this video, we will code smart contract for our token.

   •  Understand the token development

   •  Compile our code

   •  Understand about Token standards

Preview 08:22

In this video, we will demonstrate how to deploy our Token smart contract to the blockchain.

   •  Deploy our Token

   •  Talk about the different ways to deploy

Deploying Our Token

In this video, we will learn about token transactions and gas.

   •  Learn to store and retrieve data from blockchain

   •  Learn what is gas price, optimal price and how to use it in methods.

   •  Difference between sendTransaction and call methods.

Token Transactions and Gas

In this video, we will be look at other coins that we can work on and also the different networks the blockchain are present.

   •  Learn about Ethereum’s current problems

   •  Learn the differences between Bitcoin, Ethereum and HyperLedger

Alternate Solutions
+ Ethereum and Hyperledger
4 lectures 25:35

In this video, we will see how to create functions to interact with the Blockchain.

   •  See how to create an instance of the contract and how to use it

   •  Added required IDs to the Textboxes and Buttons.

   •  Discuss how important are Web3, ABI, Contract Address.

Creating Functions to Interact with Blockchain

In this video, we look into function integration in the front-end.

   •  Create Functions in JavaScript and integrate with buttons.

   •  Invoke the SmartContract Functions from Blockchain.

   •  Console log the Transactions and Errors.

Integrating the Functions with Our Frontend Buttons

In this video, we will learn about hyperledger fabric and its components.

   •  Define a Hyperledger fabric

   •  Discuss it’s components

   •  Discuss the process flow

Learning about Hyperledger Fabric and Its Components

In this video, we will learn about the problems and solutions using hypderledger fabric and how business can benefit from it.

   •  Discuss the hyperledger fabric’s consensus

   •  Learn what are channels, membership, CA

   •  Explore the peers and consensus to follow.

How the Business Will Benefit from Hyperledger Fabric with Examples
+ Guide to ICO – Let's Create Our Own Token on Ethereum
4 lectures 22:31

In this video, we will create the standards and talk about ERC20 implementation, functions methods etc.

   •  Understand the ER20 token development

   •  Compile the contract

   •  Learn what are minimum Token standards

Set the Token Standards with ERC20

In this video, we will talk about the ERC223 token standards.

   •  Learn the Difference between the ERC Standards

   •  Talk about the Official Standards

   •  Learn what ERC223 can offer us

ERC223 – Token Standard

In this video, we will build a token smart contract for ICO.

   •  Build a Crowdsale contract

   •  Learn about ICO requirements and methods

   •  Learn about things you need to look after while creating a Crowdsale

Building a Token Smart Contract for ICO

In this video, we will look into the contract security audit and contract deployment.

   •  Look at the Security issues

   •  Check out the requirements of an ICO

   •  Start an ICO and audit it

Contract Security Audit and Contract Deployment
+ Create a Gambling App Using ETH Network Smart Contracts
4 lectures 18:52

In this video, we will discuss about the re-entrancy and randomness in solidity.

   •  Learn to avoid Re-Entrancy

   •  Learn about randomness in solidity

   •  Learn to handle those functions and issues.

Re-entrancy, Randomness in Solidity for Handling Bets

In this video, we will create the random contract first and see the problems and solutions in it and then dive into the casino contract for Gambling APP.

   •  Learn the Functions in the Random contract and check its issues

   •  Dive into the casino contract

   •  Learn the extra functions that are not necessary

Random Contract and Casino Contract

In this video, we will deploy your casino contract and see how to use it and interact with it. Then talk about the issues with it.

   •  Finalize the Casino contract and deploy it

   •  Interact with it

   •  Find out if we have any issues with

Casino Contract with Randomness– Deploying and Interaction

Now that we have a fully Functional DAPP, we will be adding a little bit of styling like changing the Background and CSS. Creating interactive Buttons and Textboxes.

   •  Set up the Decentralized Application and interacting

   •  Adding the background and CSS

   •  Observe the Front-end and Interaction

Adding a Frontend for Interaction