Blender 3d: New User Modeling Trial

Blender Beginner Assessment. Three basic steps: (1). Modeling. (2). Shading/Coloring . (3). Rendering. EASY.
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Learn how to model an object by eyesight.
Learn the basics of Modeling in Blender.
Learn modeling options.
Learn basic shading and rendering.


  • Basic understanding of Blender's editing tools.


This course is primarily for new users to Blender, who want a small project to help them assess 3d/CG modeling and Blender software.

The first way to evaluate any 3d software is to make something. Is it easy? Is it difficult? Do you have to run all over the UI? How many steps does it take to do anything? Most important, can you remember hotkeys or would you rather go the long way? These are but a several questions to ask yourself.

This introduction tutorial only covers how to make a basic object within Blender’s Edit mode and use a few editing tools.

Expect to make an easy and iconic object. There are other methods to make the visor or nearly anything else for that matter.

I do experience a brain "hiccup" or two, but nothing major.

If you're using Blender 3.0+, when you render, it should be the same. Even if you're not following my exact steps, no matter, just hit F12. The point is too see how CLEAN of a renderer Cycles is...wow.

Instructor's UI is slightly different and I use Blender keymap 27x... pay no mind...with Blender's default keymap, you'll be able to get in and out of object and edit mode.

I am a former stroke victim, despite the speech issue, students will be able to understand everything.

For free courses, feedback is not enabled: Udemy policy.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners
  • New Blender Users


Imagination has no rules.
Blender Way of Life
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Blender Way of Life is non-technical and pure imagination, which is all you need.

Until I discovered 3d art and Blender's "free-ness", I was an artist of various fields trying to find a place in the art universe.

3d art allowed me to tie the other arts together: Photography, Martial and of course drawing.

I hope I can serve as an example, that for learning Blender: you do not need previous experience with another 3d program, you do not need to know coding, you don't need to be a math or computer expert, or tech savvy.

If all those are required, Blender would not be growing - every day.

Making animation is the ultimate dream.

Blender Way of Life currently does not have a website or blog. (WIP) 2024 01 26

I'm considering uploading YouTube content for beginners. (WIP). 2024 01 31

Thanks for your time.

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