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Implementing Blackpurl into your dealership's Service department


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Welcome to the Blackpurl service training course, specifically designed to assist you in mastering the ins and outs of the service department with ease and efficiency. Throughout this module, we'll dive deep into essential service tasks, including writing up customer orders, scheduling service appointments, and proficiently managing the shop.

As you progress through the course, you can expect to acquire valuable tips, discover effective tricks, and participate in interactive quizzes that reinforce your training and ensure a thorough understanding of the concepts. Here's a breakdown of the key topics we'll cover in this course:

  1. A few key Blackpurl basics: Get acquainted with the platform's fundamental features and how they can streamline your service department operations.

  2. Technician job clocking: Learn how to efficiently monitor and manage technicians' job assignments and progress.

  3. Writing up a service order: Master the art of creating detailed and accurate service orders to keep your customers informed and satisfied.

  4. Internal, warranty, and other types of service jobs: Understand the different service job types and how to handle them effectively within the Blackpurl system.

  5. Tight inventory management: Discover how Blackpurl's precise inventory management system keeps track of parts and supplies, ensuring smooth and organized service department operations.

  6. Deep accounting integration: Explore how Blackpurl seamlessly integrates with accounting software regarding service, enabling you to maintain accurate financial records and simplify the invoicing process.

By the end of this in-depth course, you should have a solid understanding of Blackpurl's core service capabilities and feel confident in implementing and utilizing the platform for yourself.

So, buckle up and enjoy the ride as we embark on this exciting and informative journey together, unlocking the full potential of Blackpurl and enhancing your skillset in the service department!

Don't forget to follow along as you go through in your own Blackpurl instance, if you can-

Who this course is for:

  • Dealership Service department managers and professionals


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Blackpurl is the next-generation dealership management platform designed for industries like powersports, trailer, and equipment. With full parts, service, sales, and accounting department management capability, Blackpurl is designed to streamline process, boost staff capability, and increase customer satisfaction. The platform combines a simple-to-use dealership app with best-in-class integrations with mainstream tools like QuickBooks Online and Shopify, connecting dealerships to the best technology available for the job.

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