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Implementing Blackpurl into your dealership's Sales department


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  • Sales department knowledge is an asset


Getting started with selling and managing units using Blackpurl is both straightforward and hassle-free. This sales module will guide you through the essentials of handling various sales scenarios you may come across in your day-to-day work.

Here are some of the key areas we will cover:

  1. Basics of Blackpurl navigation and sales functionality: Become familiar with the platform's user-friendly interface and learn how to effectively navigate its sales features.

  2. Searching in Blackpurl: Discover efficient techniques for searching within the platform, allowing you to quickly and accurately locate the information you need.

  3. Writing up a quote: Master the process of creating professional quotes for your customers, ensuring clear communication and an effective sales presentation.

  4. Printing and emailing quotes and invoices: Learn best practices for generating and sharing printed or digital copies of quotes and invoices with your customers.

  5. Adding options to units: Understand how to customize units with various options, catering to the unique needs of your customers.

  6. Ordering and receiving units: Gain insights into effectively ordering and receiving units, streamlining your inventory management process.

  7. Selling units that are still on order: Explore strategies for selling units that haven't yet arrived, allowing you to sell more faster.

  8. Writing internal notes and notes for customers: Learn how to communicate using notes in Blackpurl, both within your team and with customers.

  9. Adjusting cost on units in your inventory.

By the end of this sales course, you should have a solid understanding of Blackpurl's core sales capabilities and feel confident using the platform in your own sales department.

So, let's embark on this exciting and informative journey together, unlocking the full potential of Blackpurl and enhancing your skillset in the sales department! Don't forget to follow along and practice as you progress through the course, using your own Blackpurl instance whenever possible.

Who this course is for:

  • Dealership Sales department managers and professionals


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Blackpurl is the next-generation dealership management platform designed for industries like powersports, trailer, and equipment. With full parts, service, sales, and accounting department management capability, Blackpurl is designed to streamline process, boost staff capability, and increase customer satisfaction. The platform combines a simple-to-use dealership app with best-in-class integrations with mainstream tools like QuickBooks Online and Shopify, connecting dealerships to the best technology available for the job.

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