Bitfountain iOS Design Foundations

Use Sketch to design real iOS apps. We'll teach you the typography, color, UI interaction and icon design.
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Design a complete iOS app interface using Sketch
Design popular app icons (Pinterest, Instagram, Apple Music, etc.) using Sketch
Understand the fundamentals of Color and Typography in UI/UX design
Use Bohemian Coding's Sketch to design pretty much anything they can imagine.


  • A paid copy of Sketch App ( or the Free Trial
  • The desire to learn


The Bitfountain iOS Design Foundations is an immersive course teaching the basics of iOS Design using Bohemian Coding's Sketch as the primary tool.

  • Sketch Basics: Learn the basics of using Bohemian Coding's Sketch by completing three simple but unique design projects.
  • Sketch Reference: Short video lessons explaining the important Sketch functionalities.

After Completing Sketch Basics and Sketch Reference you will know everything you need to know to start creating beautiful designs in Sketch.

  • UI Foundations: Learn how to design a complete application from start to finish in Sketch.
  • Color: Learn the basics of color and color psychology in UI/UX design
  • Typography: Learn the basics of typography in UI/UX design

Who this course is for:

  • This course is suitable for many levels: from beginners who have never designed anything before to graphic designers looking to get into UI/UX design. No previous Experience Required.

Course content

6 sections69 lectures4h 19m total length
  • Introduction
  • Get Sketch
  • Cloud Icon
  • Raspberry "R" (Part 1)
  • Raspberry "R" (Part 2)
  • Floating Sphere


Designer, developer, teacher at Bitfountain
John Omar
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John was the lead iOS developer at Fast Society and Cameo until he started Bitfountain in 2012. The apps that John has contributed to have appeared in TechCrunch, Mashable and the New York Times. At Bitfountain, John oversees all projects from a technical and strategic perspective. At Bitfountain, John has taught over 120,000 students how to code online.

UI/UX Designer at
Khari Slaughter
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Khari is a graphic artist and designer from Boston, MA. After completing his degree in Sociology at Wesleyan University he moved his life to Paris where he continues to live. A degree candidate for the MFA Design and Technology at Parsons The New School, Khari maintains a firm connection with both tactile and digital media, constantly experimenting and pushing the limits of UI/UX design.