Bitcoin For Beginners: Your Quick Start Guide To Bitcoin

Understand Bitcoin at a grassroots level, and get involved with Bitcoin through the path of least resistance.
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Get involved with Bitcoin through the path of least resistance, by utilizing the tools designed to help beginners experience the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency revolution taking place.
Gain a complete grassroots understanding of Bitcoin, and be able to confidently explain Bitcoin to others without second guessing how Bitcoin works as a currency.
Know how Bitcoin works as a cryptocurrency, and how the ecosystem evolves to provide users of the currency a more complete experience.


  • You don’t need to understand the ins and outs of how Bitcoins works in order to take advantage of all the knowledge shared in this course. You can be a newbie.
  • Students must be aware that this a crash course for beginners, that aims to get you started with Bitcoin through the path of least resistance. It doesn’t cover in-depth Bitcoin information.
  • I want all potential students to be aware that this isn’t an advanced Bitcoin course, there will be some advanced topics discussed, but it’s mainly for those getting started.


Looking to start your Bitcoin journey?

Having trouble understanding what Bitcoin is?


Maybe you want to gain a grassroots understanding of Bitcoin?  

Whatever your motivation is to understand Bitcoin, you’ve come to the right place to get started as everything is discussed in this beginner friendly Bitcoin course.  

Bitcoin For Beginners: Your Quick Start Guide To Bitcoin, is the most practical and beginner friendly Bitcoin course you’ll find on the web today, discussing Bitcoin with no jargon.  

It’s the one place with everything you need to truly understand Bitcoin at a grassroots level, and feel comfortable with knowing you’re learning from a credible source!  

This is an effective and practical course that will take you from not understanding the Bitcoin field, to feeling comfortable with explaining the basic idea of Bitcoin to others.  

While there are plenty of Bitcoin blogs on the web, it’s hard to find a short, practical and to the point course which helps newbies get started with Bitcoin through the path of least resistance.  

Nothing is kept a secret. I reveal everything about Bitcoins basics, and as the basics of Bitcoin evolve through time you can be sure this course will be kept up to date for you!  

This Bitcoin For Beginners course is designed for anyone who wants to gain a grassroots understanding of Bitcoin. So if you’re a complete newbie, or someone who is aware of Bitcoin but doesn’t understand how it all works, you’re in the right place.

Who this course is for:

  • The ideal student for this Bitcoin For Beginners course is someone who is not aware of Bitcoin, or who has had limited experience with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.
  • Potential students should come to this course with an open mind, and be aware that this is a practical crash course into the Bitcoin universe, helping you to get started with it.
  • As Bitcoin is a globally based currency, students can be from any country, of any age, and any ability to gain maximum value from this course.

Course content

6 sections16 lectures1h 2m total length
  • Let Me Introduce You To This Bitcoin Introductory Course
  • Many Of You Will Be Wondering What Bitcoin Is So Let Me Explain
  • Let Me Explain To You How Bitcoin Has Evolved To Date
  • The Blockchain Is Critical To Bitcoin And This Is How It Works
  • Cryptocurrency (And Blockchain) Playbook


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