Bitcoin - a compelling case for cryptocurrencies?

Understanding the arguments both for and against bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
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What is a cryptocurrency
The economic case for bitcoin
A brief history of money
The advantages and disadvantages of Fiat Currencies
How money is created: Fractional Reserving & Quantitative Easing
The impact of money printing


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Bitcoin - the future?  or a bubble?

Whether you are a bitcoin convert (a "coiner") or a bitcoin sceptic (a "no coiner"), understanding the core arguments is key in assessing whether this new asset class has 'intrinsic value.   While we don't have a crystal ball, this workshop aims to unlock exactly what role bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies might play in the future. 

Taking you on an historical journey through the history of money we will show how society adopted gold as a currency and how gold gave rise to the fiat currencies in use today.  We will try to uncover exactly what a dollar is worth, why gold retains its value, even today, and the advantages and disadvantages of fiat currencies. 

We will look at how money is created today - by Commercial Banks using a process called Fractional Reserving - and Central Banks using a process called Quantitative Easing.  We will look at the effects of all this money printing, and whether Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) really is the 'new normal' for economic thinking. 

Finally we will examine whether cryptocurrencies really are the future, or whether they are a passing phase that will soon be consigned to the dustbin of history.

I hope you find this workshop both informative and enjoyable!

Who this course is for:

  • Any one who wants to understand Bitcoin and the world of Cryptocurrencies


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