Use Systems to Automate the Stressful Parts of Your Business

How to identify problems, research solutions, and implement new tools to streamline your business
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Identify areas in their business that can be helped by systems, research useful software tools, set up software tools & systems to solve problems


  • Be comfortable with using a computer, internet research, learning new software (or asking for help with that)


Is Automating Your Business Worth Investing Your Time and Money?

By the end of this course you will have identified tasks that can be automated, and implemented a system to free up your time and help your business run more effectively. Eric and Micki both love systems and how they can help entrepreneurs reduce stress and work smarter. As an online teacher, Eric has used systems to streamline his course creation process. Micki has used systems in her real estate brokerage to improve customer care and grow her team of agents.

What is a ‘System’ and How Can it Help You?

We’re defining a system as a process that allows things to happen in a smooth, consistent way, and reduces your workload. Systems can solve problems large and small. What tasks can you think of which take up a lot of your time or that you do over and over? You might send the same type of information to multiple clients but find yourself typing it all out in an email each time. A system can automate that email so it goes out with the click of a button. That system would free up your time as well as ensure that the information you send out is consistent. By taking that task off your shoulders, you have more time to focus on the parts of your business that you enjoy… or an extra minute to relax.

Most entrepreneurs know they need more systems in their businesses but are too busy to work on implementing them. Or they start looking for a tool to solve their problem and quickly become bogged down in all the options and keep putting it off.  This course is designed to help you create your next system from start to finish without feeling overwhelmed.

This Course is Organized into 5 Key Sections:

  • Section 1: Identifying the problems you want to solve

  • Section 2: Researching which tools can help you & how to narrow down your options

  • Section 3: Using a test project to evaluate tools so you can decide which one to purchase

  • Section 4: Breaking down the implementation process into manageable tasks and a realistic timeline

  • Section 5: Completing the tasks so you successfully set up your system

This Course is Designed for Anyone Who Wants to Run Their Business More Efficiently

This course is designed for anyone who feels like their to-do list is out of control and is stressed by the amount of work they have to do in their business. 

You might be someone that has already tried to automate parts of your business but found the process overwhelming or just couldn’t make the time to get it all done. It can be frustrating to face a task like this alone, which is why we created this course. By the end of this course you will not only have a new system in place, but you will be more confident about implementing other systems in the future.

Thank you for checking out the course description and if you are ready to improve your business so you can enjoy your work again, I highly encourage you to enroll in this course right now.

Have a great day,

-Eric & Micki

Who this course is for:

  • Business people who have too much to do, are wasting time on repetitive tasks, and want to find a tool that can help fix things.


Eric John Campbell
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I grew up surrounded by the energy of wise old trees in Northern California without realizing at the time how deep my connection is to them. It wasn't until the age of twenty-five that I sat inside an enormous tree with an open center and received the message: forget everything and write a book.

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Micki has a wide array of experience in small business. She has founded multiple  businesses from the 33 Zen Lane real estate brokerage to her script coverage service, Script Karma. 

As a serial entrepreneur her passion is using her experience to mentor small business owners and creative entrepreneurs giving them a head start on their careers. The people she has trained have gone on to build their own successful brands and she would like to help you do the same.

Her specialities include:

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