20 Mins 7 days Yoga for Weight loss, Stress, Depression etc.

Yoga for relief from Stress, Anxiety, Back Pain, Depression, Asthma, High Blood pressure , for weight loss & Fitness
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Learn to do Yoga for relief from Anxiety.
Learn to do Yoga For relief from Depression
Learn to do Yoga for relief from High Blood Pressure
Learn to do Yoga for relief from Stress
Learn to Do Yoga for relief from Back Pain
Learn to do Yoga for relief from Asthama
Learn to Do Yoga to lose Weight
Learn to do Yoga for better Fitness


  • All ages can try to Learn and Do it


This Course teaches you the different types of poses to be done for different types of Challenges, like for eg. Anxiety, Depression, Back Pain, Stress, Weight Loss, Asthma, High Blood pressure and Fitness. These poses are to be repeated for 7 days to get relief and feel the difference in the Challenges. Even if it is not possible to do the Poses correctly one should attempt and try to achieve the correct form after practice.

These Yoga poses are presented in Video form so that you can watch and follow. These videos also have attached PDF sheets informing you of the different benefits each poses gives and also proper instructions to do the poses in the right way, including the breathing technique's (Pranayama)

By using this course regularly you can reduce weight easily. The Yoga poses presented here are the one which can be easily done with little practice and dedication. These poses can also be done to prevent weight gain, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Asthma, High Blood Pressure. These Yoga Poses are prepared after going through the best Yoga institute instructions available.

Please follow the Instructions provided for proper breathing techniques to do each pose. Please keep doing it on continuous basis to get good results.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone and anyone who wants to stay fit with Yoga


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I am a Certified Fitness Coach from World Gym Institute, India , Certified Health and Nutritional Life Coach from Transformation Academy, USA. Certified in Yoga and Power Yoga. Trained in Boxing,Kickboxing,Cross-Fit, HIIT, Tabata and other Forms of Exercise. I am an Marathon runner with 7 full marathons and 30 half marathons. I am a personal trainer for last 8 years.