Learn How to Belly Dance: Complete Guide from A to Z
4.9 (184 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
664 students enrolled

Learn How to Belly Dance: Complete Guide from A to Z

Step-by-step instructions, dance practice, and everything you want to know about belly dance with Iana Komarnytska.
4.9 (184 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
664 students enrolled
Created by Iana Komarnytska
Last updated 6/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Various belly dance movements: shimmies, belly rolls, hips movements, undulations, chest isolations, and many others!
  • Basic belly dance rhythms, fundamentals of dancing with a veil, related folklore styles, and other things that are essential to know right from the beginning.
  • Skills to put all learnt movements into dance combinations, and simply enjoy dancing to the music.
  • Knowledge to understand music, costume fashion, essential parts of a belly dance show, and cultural environment of this dance.
  • Full belly dance routine (drum solo choreography).
  • No previous dance experience is required.
  • A desire to learn something new and fun!
  • Comfortable outfit that won't restrict your movement. Hip scarf/belt is optional.

Belly dance is a fascinating art form that started in the Middle East, but today it is practiced all across the globe by people of all shapes, sizes and ages. 

Through belly dance you can train muscles that no other activity can reach, strengthen your core, develop flexibility and achieve graceful and fluid body coordination. Moreover, belly dance will give you benefits beyond just physical ones, such as a boost in self-confidence, reconnecting your mind with your body and practicing self-love and self-care. 

My name is Iana Komarnytska. I came to my first belly dance class 15 years ago, and I had no idea it would change my life so much. Today I’m a full-time award winning professional dancer and choreographer, and I have been teaching and performing belly dance in many countries around the world.  

I created this course with one thought in my mind: to create the resource I wish I had when I was starting my belly dance journey! The result is a complete belly dance guide for beginners, with over 100 video tutorials teaching you step-by-step all basic movements (shimmies, belly rolls, circles, undulations and more), in more than 14 hours of dance practice, lectures, drills and combinations.  

This course is ideal for those who never had any experience in belly dance, or even dance in general, as well as for those who may have already began their belly dance journey and want to take their skills to the next level with solid foundations.

I designed this course in a simple manner that you can adapt to your needs, whether you have only 15 mins or several hours to practice. Each section combines a related group of movements with a detailed explanation of each one, and a summary dance combination to practice new skills. You will also get an overview of the most important rhythms, folklore styles, principles of dancing with veil, and dozens of dance combinations for polishing your technique. 

Our final sections consist of dance practice to four different types of belly dance songs, and learning a complete belly dance routine to an exciting drum solo music. In addition, you will find several bonus sections with lectures about topics related to belly dance such as costumes, props, music, and the cultural environment of this dance, as well as resources to continue your belly dance learning.

By the end of the course you will be able not only to perform all major belly dance moves such as hip drops, undulations, figure 8, and maya, but also layer them on top of different shimmies, perform to specific rhythms, and even to incorporate some props into your dance. 

All you need to begin is to be interested in exploring the beauty of dance, transforming your body and spirit with a fun physical activity, and learning to appreciate and love yourself.

What are you waiting for? Jump in and start belly dancing today. 

Who this course is for:
  • Complete beginners.
  • Continuing students (1-3 years of practice) who know some basics but want to push their technique to the next level.
Course content
Expand all 125 lectures 17:15:32
+ Before We Start
6 lectures 11:05

This is an introduction to your journey into the fascinating world of bellydance.

Preview 01:00

Learn more about your instructor Iana Komarnytska, an internationally award-winning belly dancer and choreographer.

Preview 01:14

Don't forget that we are all different! Please consult with your doctor prior to starting this course.

Belly dance as a physical activity
What is belly dance, and its terminology
+ Important elements of your training
3 lectures 35:33

In this lecture you will learn the basic posture and arm positions to start your belly dance practice. This foundation will allow you to advance quickly in your learning and help you avoid common mistakes.

Your posture and arm positions

A quick and simple warm up routine to use at the start of your belly dance practice.

Warm-up routine

Don’t forget to finish every practice with a gentle stretch and cool down!

Cool down routine
+ Fluid Hip Movements
6 lectures 54:28

Let’s start with simple hip circle and see what are the nuances of proper performance of this movement.

Preview 14:45

Twist your circle and transform it onto horizontal figure 8. Fun and easy explanation of two types of horizontal figures 8.

Horizontal Figure 8

Always wanted to learn that «Shakira move»? Here it is! Bring your figure 8 to a vertical lane. This moves highly engages the muscles, so get ready to discover new things in your body anatomy!

Vertical Figure 8 (Maya)

Simple combination that includes basic movements that you’ve learnt in previous three videos. 

Combination 1: Fluid Hips

A variation of previous combination that helps to practice different directions of basic figures 8.

Combination 2: Fluid Hips Variation

This video is a bonus material for this course, and is also available on my YouTube channel.

FAQ: Can We Do Vertical Figure 8 on Toes?
+ Hip Drop
8 lectures 52:22

The best way to learn move is right away in the most common position that you will dance it later. In this video we will review our diagonal positions, as well as learn how we can easily and quickly switch from one leg to another.

Basic body positions & transition between sides

Learning to move hips in a vertical lane.

Hips Up & Down

Based on the skills learnt from previous section, let’s see how we can visually isolate our hip twist to only one side.

Hip Twist
Adding Accents
Hip Drop

Once you learnt basic hip drop, you are ready for the belly dance party! Let’s combine this move with vertical figure 8, and see how we can switch from fluid to sharp movements.

Combination 3: Belly dance party

Taking it to another level! We will combine our previous combination with one of the combinations from Section "Fluid Hip Movements". Dance trains not only our body, but our memory too!

Combination 4: Medley

This video is a bonus material for this course, and is also available on my YouTube channel.

FAQ: Problems With a Hip Drop?
+ Chest Movements
7 lectures 48:38

How to move your chest from side to side without moving your entire body.


We will learn to move our chest front and back without too much of shoulder engagement, and then transform it onto a horizontal chest circle.

Front-to-Back & Horizontal Circle

Moving chest vertically can be not only a fun accent during your dance, but also lead to a vertical chest circle. We will explore both movements in this video.

Up-to-Down & Circle Through Up

Another variation of vertical chest circle but now combining up-down and from-back movements. Effectively helps to develop flexibility in spine.

Vertical Circles

Chest accents up don’t need to be simple and boring. Let’s take them onto diagonal directions.


The same way we were able to do figure 8 with our hips, we can also do it with our chest!

Figure 8

A simple training combo that will help you to develop sharp and big chest movements while controlling your shoulders and rest of your body.

Combination 5: Ultimate Isolation
+ Circles
8 lectures 01:16:00

First let’s review two basic circles that we have learnt in previous sections.

Review: chest and hips

In this video we will learn how we can walk while are hips are moving in a horizontal circle.

Travelling Circles

Let’s swing our hips while turning around.

Around You

Transforming basic hip circle into a bigger movement.

Big Hip Circle

Ultimate body circle based on the big hip circle that we have learn in the previous video.

Full Circle with Upper Body

I call this circle a 3D circle. Let’s see how we can add up-down directions to our basic horizontal hip circle.


Mixing all sorts of fluid movements together with different hip circles.

Combination 6: Continuous Circles

This video is a bonus material for this course, and is also available on my YouTube channel.

FAQ: "Clicking" Sensations in My Hip!
+ Undulations
3 lectures 24:56

In this video I will break down in details the basic undulation, and walk you through each step on how to achieve a nice body wave without involving your head and chest.

Regular Undulation

Almost every movement can be done in opposite direction, so let’s reverse our basic undulation!

Reverse Undulation

A short combo that includes both types of undulation, ommy and vertical chest circle.

Combination 7: Undulation Drill
+ Shimmies
9 lectures 40:12

Tips on how to practice shimmies the best way.

Introduction to Shimmies

You already know the basic principle of this shimmy, but it’s time to speed it up!

Twist Shimmy

One of the most traditional shimmies in the Egyptian belly dance style. The trick is in your knees!

Egyptian Shimmy

This one is very similar to Egyptian shimmy, but use more of tension and muscle engagement. Even despite you may find this one much easier than Egyptian shimmy, do not skip practicing the previous one. Egyptian shimmy is an important move that you must know. On anther hand in Turkish belly dance style Vibration Shimmy is more common.

Vibration Shimmy

Let’s have some fun, and bounce a bit!

'Bouncy' Shimmy

Transforming basic up-down hip movement into shimmy.

Hip Shimmy

Let’s take our shimmy on a walk!


Anything cardinally different? Whatever you ask! African shimmy will engage your muscles in a completely different way than any of previous shimmies.

African Shimmy

Did we forget about our upper body? No way!

Shoulder Shimmy
+ Gracefull Arms
5 lectures 26:47

How we can gracefully change our arms from one position to another. All answers in this video.

Transitions between different positions

Were are ever enchanted by those snake-like arm movements? It’s time to learn it yourself!

Arm waves

Let’s have some fun, and add an atmosphere into our arm movements. «Window» is my own terminology how I describe one of my most favourite arm movements inspired by the Golden Era bellydance.


It’s important to pay attention to all details. Every arm movement finishes by the tips of your fingers, so lets see what’s going on specifically with our hands.

Wrist Circle, Palms

Are are going to take one of the combinations that we’ve learnt in previous sections and add arm movements to it.

Combination 8: Embellishing hips with arms
+ Travelling Steps
6 lectures 01:31:57

What do you need to know before we start.

Introduction to Traveling Steps

Includes new pas de bourree step, with hip drop and camel walk.

Combination 9: With Pas De Bourree Step

Includes new Egyptian step with shimmy, crossed step forward and back with hip accents, and figure 8.

Combination 10: With Traditional Egyptian Step

Includes some folkloric elements like Saidi and Ghawazee steps.

Combination 11: With Saidi Step

Includes travelling twists, as well as shoulder shimmy with intricate foot pattern.

Combination 12: With Twist and Cross Steps

Includes new Arabesque step, with crossed and camel steps.

Combination 13: With Arabesque